Pin Posts in WordPress With Post Admin Shortcuts Plugin


Don’t you wish sometimes that there was any easier way to find that post you want to edit in your admin panel? Well there is. With the Post Admin Shortcuts Plugin, also known as the Post Pin Cushion, you can “pin” any post, page, or custom post type and have a link appear in the post dropdown menu. This is especially useful if you have certain posts that you update on a regular basis because now you can just pin them to your admin panel. In order to do this you just have to know how to install a WordPress plugin. If you already know how then go ahead and install the Post Admin Shortcuts Plugin. Once you have the plugin activated you should notice that next to all of your posts there is now a pin icon.

Pin Icons

By clicking on the pin your post will be added to the admin menu (using some cool AJAX) and you will not have to go searching through all of your old posts again!

Download Post Admin Shortcuts Plugin.

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