Pippity vs. Popup Domination (Which one is a better choice?)


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Feel free to read the article below, but this comparison has not been updated in a while. We only recommend what we use. In this case, we’re using a plugin that we created ourselves because we only want to use the best.

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Not too long ago, we wrote our review about a plugin called Pippity. In the comments, some users asked what is the difference between Pippity and the famous Popup Domination. As promised, we will be comparing the two plugins side by side to determine the pros and cons of each. We are friends with both Michael Dunlop of Popup Domination and Grant Griffiths of Pippity, so this is going to be as honest as it gets.

If you are wondering what the heck do these plugins do? Well in short, they allow you to create lightbox popups in WordPress to increase the opt-in rate for your email newsletter. Now lets see where do these plugins stand when you compare them side by side.


Both plugins allow you to create lightbox popups for your WordPress site, but one has significantly better features that the other lack.

  • Pippity lets you have multiple popups. Popup Domination does not.
  • Pippity allows you the ability to do split A/B testing. Popup Domination does not.
  • Pippity has Advanced Filters option for (referrer status, custom post types, open at the end of post and specific post). Popup Domination only allows you to pick in categories or specific pages.
  • Pippity has analytics. Popup Domination does not.
  • Pippity lets you show only to logged out users whereas Popup Domination doesn’t have this option.
  • Pippity allows custom cookies, Popup Domination does not
  • Pippity has a bonus Popup Bar feature
  • Popup Domination has Exit Popups. Pippity does not.
  • Popup Domination has the option to open popup when mouse leaves the site, Pippity does not.

If you notice Pippity clearly takes the win in the features category.

Ease of Use (UI/UX)

Both plugins are fairly easy to use however one plugin certainly makes the job a lot easier.

You have to manually click on the Popup Domination link as you are going through the process of creating a popup. There is no option to Save and Continue to the next step.

Popup Domination User Interface

Pippity guides users by providing the option of Save and Continue at the end of each step. The overall User Interface of Pippity is much more friendly to new users whereas Popup Domination lacks styling on its pages like Template Fields, List points etc.

One thing that Pippity lacks in terms of UI is the Activate button which we pointed out in our video review. When you are done creating your popup, you never know that its inactive. You have to click on the little Activate button. Popup Domination because it only allows you to create one popup, has a clear way of telling the user when its inactive.

Winner: Pippity

Front-End Design

Beautiful designs increase conversion. Popup Domination comes with 7 pre-built templates whereas Pippity comes with 8 pre-built templates. While the designs are very similar which there was a big debate between the founders on Twitter, we believe that Popup Domination’s graphics are of better quality. Pippity’s templates seems to lack the designer touch that Popup Domination pre-built templates have.

Design is subjective to beholder’s eye, so in our eyes Popup Domination is a clear winner in this category.

This doesn’t turn away Pippity for us though because we can easily duplicate existing Pippity themes and modify its styling.

Developer Tools

Both plugins offer developer tools in terms of the ability to modify templates. Pippity however does an exceptionally great job at this. You can easily replicate existing themes and customize it. There is just much more support for Developer tools than it is in Popup Domination. Pippity also has the option to open lightboxes on click which allows developers to really customize things around. Popup Domination does not have such option (or they do not have clear documentation).

Our Pick

If you skimmed past our update, we found most of these solutions very buggy and lacking support. This is why we built and released our own plugin called OptinMonster. It is better coded, does not slow down your site, and have the same quality support that you have come to expect from WPBeginner.

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