Start Microblogging in WordPress with Wumblr


Our friends over at Themify has notified us of the launch of their first ever tumblr like WordPress theme called Wumblr. While we were test driving this theme, we were amazed with the features this theme has to offer. This theme includes 9 different post formats, 15 different color presets that help customize the look of each post, 3 different column layouts for your pages, 7 different color skins for the site, footer widgets, lightbox gallery, and much more.

Post Formats and Color Scheme

Wumblr Post Format

You get 9 post formats to classify your posts with including: default, text, video, image, gallery, quote, audio, link, and status. You also have an option to give each post it’s own color scheme by picking one of the 15 colors that are provided in the post color. Video URLs are easy to embed, all you have to do is simply paste the video URL. The audio is handled by HTML5 with fallback support. If user’s browser doesn’t HTML 5, it will display a download link.

1, 2, 3 Column Layout Option

Wumblr Column Layout

You have an option to pick the column layout for your site. You can have a 1 column layout with a sidebar, 2 column layout with no sidebar, or 3 column layout with no sidebar. You also have an option to footer widgets and how many columns you want in there. You can have up to 4 column widgetized footer.

Lightbox Gallery Support

Wumblr Gallery Support

Posting a picture about a trip you went on? or a birthday party? The Lightbox gallery option in this theme is amazing for that.

7 Color Skins

Wumblr Color Skins

The theme comes with 7 skins to allow you to reflect your personality from your blog. Are you a pink lover? Well that is an option here as well.

Wumblr is listed for $65, but if you use the coupon “wumblr” before January 14th, 2011 you will be able to get 40% off the original price.

This is just the start of Tumblr like themes in WordPress. Once WordPress 3.1 is officially released, and developers have full access to play with Post Formats, we will see a lot of new themes of this style.

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