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Although StudioPress already offers 41 turnkey designs for Genesis, that number is going to skyrocket with the advent of StudioPress Marketplace, the perfect place to buy officially approved Genesis themes from third party developers. For those of you that don’t already use the Genesis framework, we think that the new designs in StudioPress Marketplace may change your mind, ease of use aside. Besides, here at WPBeginner we run all of our new additions on Genesis including our gallery site and our WordPress coupons section. We’ve found that when it comes to development Genesis is the best way to go.

All of the designs in StudioPress Marketplace have very clean code and they are easy to implement. If you are a developer that can make beautiful Genesis child themes then this is going to be an excellent opportunity for you to get exposure and compensation for your work. Its the best of the best, creativity and functionality all in one spot. So if you haven’t already we urge you to check out StudioPress Marketplace and see for yourself how easy it is to give your website a makeover.

Some of the themes that are already added in the StudioPress marketplace:

Check out Genesis Marketplace now.

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