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Everyone love comics. From kids to the adults everyone is fond of the comics of their types. As the world is driving towards the online media, everything is shifting online. The same goes with the comic world too. If you are looking for the transgenders comics, then there are plenty of the options online. There are many tg comics websites which provides you with entertaining tg comics cover which is a way too sensational to read. The benefits of these websites are that you can rely upon them even if you are not able to find these comics on the offline stores.

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So why not take the benefits of the online facilities when they are there. So here is the list of the top websites that are best in class for the tgcomic online.

List Of Best TGComics Alternatives And Similar Sites 2018


The platform is the most popular for its Trans gender comics. The website features multiple genres adult comics which you can read for the self-arousal. Moreover, there are a lot of types of the transgender comics that you can read featuring different authors and characters. What you can do is just simply log on to the website, create an account and register yourself as a reader.

Apart from that the website also serves you with the forum where you can discuss any of the topics along with the other people. There are other tabs like the link tabs and the info tabs where you would get all the information about the characters or the comics.

Visit Website : https://tgcomics.com/

TG Graphics and Fiction Archive

If you are looking for a complete website related to the transgender comics, then TG Graphics and Fiction Archive is a one-stop solution for all these. The website features adult transgender comics, videos and other stuff which primly focuses onto the transgender transformation.

So in this way, you would find one stop for all the transgender comic stuff. Moreover, the website also provides you with the regular updates.

Visit Website : http://tgfa.org/

Comic Rocket

Comic Rocket is another platform for the transgenders comic. The reason behind this is that the portal is full of the transgender genres. Well, it’s not an entirely transgenders comic website but the TG part is just a part of it. There is a list of the brilliant authors and the suggested reads of the transgender comics which will take you to a whole new fantasy world.

The website is available over the different platforms. The platforms include the web or the mobile applications which can be used to read these comics over the mobile phone. These comics are available for free of cost. There are different genres present onto the website. These genres have different characters, authors and comics, which can be read or downloaded.

These other websites are also a treasure of such transgender comics. So you can simply jump to these other websites and look for more stories.

Visit Website : https://www.comic-rocket.com/explore/

Comics Alliance

Comics Alliance is an online platform which targets youth comics which includes the adult comics and the transgender comics. These comics are a way too sensational and features entertaining stories with different characters. You can choose from, the characters and the authors all by yourself. There are different categories in the transgender genre which you can choose.

You can select from a lot of different transgender movies. There is a huge variety present on the website. In this way, you would be able to get the best of the tgcomics.  These comics are the bypass to the transgender life. So if you are really willing to know more about the transgenders, the website is a perfect pick for you. All you need is a smartphone or a laptop and a pdf reader to view all these comics.

Other facilities include the forums, discussion portals, comics, videos, and the picture sections. Overall, the website targets the youth for the transgender content and motivated them to discuss their feelings, stories and other facts.

Visit Website : http://comicsalliance.com/

Visual representation : Trans Character In Comics

The website consists of the three characters which appear into the comic books. These characters are the transgender who has their different roles in the comics and the other media. The website also has the other media like the magazines, article and the manga.

The GUI of the website is brilliant and in no time you would be able to get familiar with the comics. These comics are available free of cost and consists of interesting topics about the transgenders.

So in this way you can get exposed to the best transgender comics in the world. Once you open the website, you would come to know about everything that the transgenders do. All you need is the cell phone or computer and a pdf viewer.

Visit Website : https://www.themarysue.com/trans-characters-in-comics/

Top 10 transgender comic characters

The website is amazing because of its content online. The website has the transgender characters and the stories related to them. The stories include the transformation of the transgenders from the normal human beings.

The whole story of the characters circles around a scientific experiment of the doctor who turns normal human beings into the transgenders. The comics feature the regular the daily struggles of these people as the transgenders. It’s quite fun, sensational and emotional to read such comics. This is why top 10 transgenders comic characters is a great tgcomics.com.

Visit Website : http://sciencefiction.com/2013/04/15/top-ten-transgender-comic-book-characters/


This is another platform to read the transgender comics. The website features the transgender heroines as and the entire comic is based upon different stories with these heroines as the central part.

What’s great in the website is that the website has the blend of the transgenders and the crispy stories about them. The aroma of the blend takes the reader to a whole new level of the entertainment. You can download these comic books or you can also read them online. Whatever is the case, the website guarantees you an ultimate fun.

Visit Website : https://www.autostraddle.com/?s=comics

Marvel Transgenders Characters

Marvel transgender characters is another brilliant platform which creates a perfect mix of the Marvel characters and the transgender life. The basic idea behind the creation of such comics is to entertain people who want to read the transgender comics.

Forgetting about all the taboo things, the artists have created the comics and with the help of them, he has shown that what it means to be like a transgender superhero. Not just you get the idea of the transgender life but you also get introduced to great entertainment. The platform has great transgender reads for the new generation.

Visit Website : http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Contents

Dc transgender characters

Now this one plays with the DC characters. Well, there is nothing about the embarrassment, everything is just for fun. The platform provides you with the different comics featuring the DC characters. The characters suit great with the stories.

You can read all these comics for free without any problems. Downloading? Not a big deal for the platform as you can also download these comics into the pdf formats.

Visit Website : http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Volumes_No_Longer_in_Publication

Comic online free

The name says it all. The aim of the website is to provide the best in class experience for the transgender stories lovers. The website’s comics describes the characters of the DC, Marvel and other platforms in a way that it makes a perfect transgender combination.

The website has different genres which you can choose. Above all the GUI of the website is great to help you find the best comics or the comics you will love to read.

Visit Website : https://readcomiconline.to/

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