WooThemes to make their Themes iPhone and Android Compatible


We have received an insider news that WooThemes, one of the largest WordPress theme provider, has partnered up with another company to launch a product that will make their websites render in a “sexy way on iPhones & Android-powered devices”. We have mentioned 11 ways to Create a Mobile Friendly WordPress site, but this would be a new shift in the industry. Chances are that this new advancement will increase competition in the industry and encourage other commercial theme providers to do the same.

We are very excited about this new release coming. This news is not a rumor and was obtained from a source with knowledge on the subject. The official announcement should be released sometime this week.

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Update: This news is confirmed. The product is actually called Obox Mobile which costs an additional $50, and it is compatible with all WooThemes and Obox Themes

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