WordCamp Experience like this makes us attend more WordCamps


You guys probably know that we attend a lot of WordCamps. For those who don’t know what the heck is a WordCamp? and why you should attend, then you need to check out our infographic. In short, it is a weekend conference event where all level of WordPress users gather and talk WordPress. They share their experience, tips, tricks, and all cool things related to WordPress.

Now we love attending and meeting new people. It is good networking, and it is just freakin’ cool to see all the people who love the same thing as you do “WordPress”. We can say proudly that every WordCamp we have attended, we learnt something new.

Recently we got a message in the email from a WordCamp attendee with whom Syed spent a good bit of time at WordCamp Columbus. This message really made our day:

At WordCamp Columbus you spent an hour with me giving me advice. Not only do I appreciate it, I actually listened and put it in motion.

Several weeks later I have my own dedicated server space, just installed Genesis on a WordPress network. Additionally, I am working on (4) sites now on the Genesis Framework. Still going through the learning curve but should be more efficient when I get these done. Leaving my full-time job was key to having the time to learn WP, php etc.

Don’t ever stop helping people and offering advice. It means a great deal to me. I will continue to point peeps toward your site and retweet your stuff. Hope to see you at another WordCamp soon.

It is experiences like these why Matt Mullenweg created WordCamps [Interview]. It is because of experiences like this why we keep on attending WordCamps.

We hope to see you guys at a WordCamp. Make sure to check out the schedule because there could be one in your area. If you have been to a WordCamp and want to share your comments, then please do so in the comments.

Don’t forget to check out our infographic about What is a WordCamp and Why You should Attend!

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