10 Best Android Apps Of 2018 : Must Have Android Apps


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Google Android play store is full of applications. The play store has various applications for the same use, and it’s hard to select the best apps for Android. In this case, you should have a list of the applications that you can use to get the best out of your cell phone. Whether it be a phone launcher or the performance improving application, the following list is the list of the must have Android apps to get the best out of your cell phone.

Top 10 Best Android Apps Of 2018 : Must Have Android Apps

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

If you want to customize your cell phone with a lightweight launcher, then the Nova launcher is the best option that you can consider. The Nova launcher has been on the top of the list of the top android apps. The application has various features by which you can completely change the look of your cell phone. You can even change the predefined icons such as the google apps. Through these tons of customizations, you can make the mobile phone look your way.

The application provides you with various customization options such as plenty of the gestures, icon customizations, changing the look of the folders, many different types of batches, scrollable dock, etc.

There is a free version available on the application store, but still, you can unlock more features by going prime. As the prime version allows you to customize your phone more aggressively.

Download Nova Launcher Here

Google Assistant

Google Assistant

How about getting a personal phone assistant? One of the best android apps, the google assistant lets you operate your phone through voice and do work as a great keeper. You need to command your cell phone, and it will act the same way.

With google assistant, you can play your favorite songs, open calendar, take a selfie, search online and much more with the help of the Google built-in search and action functions. Play games or ask the assistant to tell a joke. Apart from being of great use, the assistant is great fun to have on the phone.

Download Google Assistant


SwiftKey Keyboard

One of the best free android apps, Swiftkey keyboard, has been a trustworthy keyboard for years. It starts to learn your preferences from the first day of the use and saves them for the future reference. In this way, you can make the keyboard learn of your native language words and use them with the other language. Its predictions are great, and it can get you great predicted stuff. Once it has learned your preference and use it with the prediction, you wouldn’t have to even think before typing.

Apart from all these, swiftkey doesn’t store the sensitive information that you input like the passwords and other card numbers. Overall, it’s a complete solution to get the most out of your android phone.

Download Swift Key Here

Google Duo

Google Duo - High Quality Video Calls

How about making the most of the video calling. Google duo is one of the best applications on Android for the video calling. The app lets you to video call even in the lowest of the net speed. However, you would have to compromise with the video quality, but the application’s performance is marvelous.

The application has a knock-knock feature which gives you the glance of the person when you receive a call from him.

Download Google Duo Here



Evernote is an application for taking the notes in the text, audio, video and other cross-platform formats which lets you take notes online. This is a great application to keep yourself reminders about the things that you often forget. The application has various formats in which we can create the notes. Apart from that, the application is a great organizer. This app deserves to be on the list of best android apps in 2018.

The application organizes your stuff to a great extent. You can also sync the application to your other phones, computer, and other devices so that you can access your data on the way. Moreover, as the application is present on different platforms, you can access the application by simply logging in. It is a great application for keeping notes.

Download Evernote Here

WPS office+ PDF

WPS Office - Word, Docs, PDF, Note, Slide

If you want to edit the documents on the go, then WPS office is a great application to consider. The application lets you create, edit, present in different formats. Whether it is a document, a presentation, excel file or the pdf. The application can handle everything. The application is compatible with the every text file that you give it.

This application also provide you with the multi-window mode, file sharing, editor, reader, pdf file converter, etc. that can make your text processing life easy. The cloud saving technology can help you to save everything on the cloud so that you don’t have to bother about keeping and taking the documents everywhere. Overall, it’s a great android application that can handle all your daily editing needs.

Download WPS office+PDF Here

ES file explorer

ES File Explorer File Manager

ES file explorer is the perfect file management application for your mobile phone. The application provides you with a free space analyzer that helps you to analyze the free space of your mobile. This helps you to take better decisions with your mobile space. While using the ES file explorer, it is easy to share things with the help of the Wi-Fi. You can also take the backups of the applications, and uninstall the applications with the help of the app manager.

ES file explorer also has the option of the root manager that lest you manage the files of the rooted devices. However, the mobile application provides many advertisements that could frustrate you.

Download ES File Explorer Here

Google Drive

Google Drive

The google drive is the ultimate space solution that you can get. The google drive lets you save photos, videos, documents and other multimedia over the clod. The application is easily accessible by creating a google account, and you get the 15 GB of space free. Google photos, Gmail, sheets, docs, and the presentations are synced with the drive.

You can keep the backup of the applications and other files on the google drive and access them over any device. Thus keep all the files and documents ready in the drive to access them anywhere. To do this, all you need is the smartphone, internet, and a Google account.

Download Google Drive Here


WhatsApp Messenger

The most popular instant messenger in the world, Whatsapp has got a huge user base. The messenger can be used to send texts, broadcast messages, calls, video calls worldwide and that too for free. You need an internet connection, and you are set to go with the instant messenger. Moreover, you can maintain your privacy levels in the application, by setting who can and who cannot see your information from the display pictures to the last seen. The messenger keeps on taking the chat backups you need not worry about the long talking stream.

Talking about the video quality of the messenger, then the messenger requires a high-speed internet connection to make the video and audio calls while they may hang if you use the slow internet.

Download Whatsapp Messenger Here

Google Chrome

Google Chrome Fast

Google chrome is the most used browser worldwide. There is a strong reason behind the popularity of the web browser on both the mobile and the desktop. The first reason is, as the android is powered by Google, it automatically gives the chrome browser as pre-installed in the new mobile phone. Well, this is not the only reason of the google chrome to be so much popular. The web browser is faster as compared to the other web browsers and is a great choice to download stuff.

You can use sync your information from mobile to desktop like your bookmarks and saved pages. Moreover, the application can also run with the google translator for your convenience. Overall, it’s the most powerful web browser that you can find on the play store.

Download Google Chrome Here

Above was the list of top 10 best android apps of 2018, if you have questions or suggestions related to the list we researched, you can just comment out below. we will try to reply as soon as possible.

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