Top 7 Software to Record Your Screen for Windows 8


Top 7 Software to Record Your Screen for Windows 8 – You have a project that requires you to record the screen and you go on to look for any utility program on Windows 8 that allows you to record your screen for free. Unfortunately, Windows 8 does not have any preinstalled screen recording software. The only option you have is to get a third party screen recorder. There are a lot of screen recorders, some have more features than the others. The main point is to find software that can meet your needs and budget.

When you need additional features for editing, you may look for the software alternatives such as Movavi Video Editor. This software allows to instantly understanding the features. For further details about how to record screen on Windows 8 you may also read the tutorials.

Top 7 Software to Record Your Screen for Windows 8

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is an open source screen recorder that allows you to record games. It can directly upload your video to Twitch, and YouTube. It has a wizard that can walk you through optimizing the screen recording session. You can start and stop recording by pressing a hotkey. You can also add a screenshot and watermark into your screencast recording. It is a complex program and is not suitable for anyone who is not willing to spend time on learning the use to the program. The most important settings can be configured under Settings > Output > Recordings.


Snagit allows you to capture a screen with the quick access toolbar. The quick access toolbar is an auto-hide blue bar on top. When you hover your mouse over it, a menu will drop down and offers options like presets, editor module and record screen. There are 3 tabs on the toolbar including all in one, image, and video. You can set the screen capture software to delay 5 seconds before recording. It has the option to capture or not to capture the cursor. You can switch in between webcam and screen recording during the recording session. Audio speakers and microphone are supported. It lacks a lot of video editing features – the only editing feature it has is trimming unwanted footage.

iSpring Free Cam

iSpring Free Cam has a clean interface with only a few tools that users need for capturing a screen. There is the option to customize the hotkeys if you are not used to the default hotkeys. It supports all types of microphone for voice over recordings such as desktop, webcam, and headset microphone. The zoom tool allows you to zoom in a certain part of the video. There is the option to remove background noise. You can also increase the screencast volume or mute the sound during recording.


Ezvid is free to use screen recorder and it does not add any watermark to the screencast. You can only use it to record a screen for up to 45 minutes straight. When you launch the software, a small widget with the main buttons like stop/pause will appear. It will record the widget if you record full screen. In the Advanced Screen Capture setting, you can set it to record a section of the screen only so that the widget won’t be recorded. It provides editing tools like split, and integrate screenshots/ clips into the screencast.


Bandicam allows you to record screencasts and gameplay for uploading to YouTube. There are 3 recording modes including gaming, screen, and device recording modes. Game recording mode allows you to record game-play in high fps. Screen recording mode allows you to record various types of applications on the screen. The device recording mode allows you to record the screen of a device like a phone, and game console. You can go to the settings to adjust the frame rate to in between 1 – 144 fps. Bandicam has a clean interface that allows you to toggle to change a mode.

Free Screen Video Recorder

Free Screen Video Recorder is a lightweight screen recorder developed by DVDVideoSoft.  It can record all types of on-screen changes with audio speaker sound and voice over on the microphone.  It comes with a basic image editor that allows you to resize, rotate, and crop the images. There are options for you to highlight the cursor path. You can also set it to auto-launch when Windows starts. When Free Screen Video Recorder launch, you can see a toolbar with 2 sets of tools on the screen. The first set of tools is for making screenshots while the second sets are for capturing video.