23 Eco Friendly Sites that are Using WordPress


In this showcase, we feature 18 23 Eco Friendly sites that are using WordPress. It is an odd showcase as you might think, but the idea is to raise awareness and get more people to be eco-friendly. Here at WPBeginner, we support Eco-Friendly companies that is why we use Host Gator’s Green Reseller Hosting. We are doing our part of the share, are you doing yours? Check out these blogs and see how you can live an eco-friendly life.

1. Ecofabulous


2. Ecoki

3. Inhabitat

4. Ecoki

5. Inhabitots

6. GOOD.is

7. Real Climate

8. EcoWorld

9. Eartheasy

10. Worsted Witch

11. Lighter Footstep

12. Ecouterre

13. Green Blog

14. Green Girls Global

15. Fabulously Green

16. Environmental Graffiti

17. Green Options

18. Modern Eco Homes

19. TreeHugger

Note: #19 Treehugger is not powered by WordPress, but we believe that it is best to give treehugger an honorary mention because of the credibility and authority they have earned in the industry.

From User’s Suggestion

These are the blogs that users suggested in the comments, via contact form, or in social media networks.

20. Biofriendly Blog

21. Living Rainforest

22. Earth First

23. 1800 Recycling

Do you know any Eco-Friendly site that is powered by WordPress? If so feel free to suggest it in the comments.