7 Best Plagiarism Checker Tools for Your Site (Compared)


Are you looking for the best plagiarism checker tools?

Search engines like Google penalize websites with duplicate content. Plagiarism checker tools can help you find and fix any instances of duplicate content on the site, which can boost your SEO ranking.

In this article, we have compared the best plagiarism checker tools for WordPress so you can improve content quality and deliver a better user experience to readers.

Best plagiarsm checker tools comparedBest plagiarsm checker tools compared

Why Should You Use a Plagiarism Checker for Your Blog?

Plagiarism is when you copy someone else’s content and pass it off as your own. Taking text or images from a source and using it on your WordPress website without proper citation is a form of plagiarism.

But as a small business, why should you care?

Not only is it stealing, but plagiarism negatively impacts SEO. It can lead to lower search rankings in engines, reputational damage, and even having your website removed from search engine indexes altogether.

If Google believes that you have violated its copyright infringement policies, it can issue penalties through its manual actions.

Look for manual actionLook for manual action

To learn more about how this works, read our in-depth guide on how to recover a WordPress site from a Google search penalty.

Plagiarized content doesn’t provide unique value to users. That means search engines don’t have an incentive to rank it in search results.

On top of that, plagiarized content is generally less effective in generating engagement than original content. Instead, you should focus on unique and hyper-relevant content to get more traffic and conversions on your site.

Quality content is tailored to your audience and brand identity, not someone else’s.

That being said, we’ve curated a list of the best plagiarism checker tools for WordPress that can help you find plagiarism and improve your content.

1. Grammarly


Grammarly is the most popular plagiarism checker and online grammar tool out there.

The plagiarism feature works by checking your content against 16 billion articles, papers, essays, and papers online. That way, it can tell you the exact percentage and highlight all the instances where there is suspected plagiarism.

The beauty of Grammarly is that it has a Chrome extension, so it works in email services, social media platforms, WordPress, and even in Slacks and Discord. That ensures you’ll always have perfect Grammar, no matter where you’re writing online.


  • Offers a Chrome extension, so you can edit the grammar in WordPress or Google Docs
  • Includes a built-in AI text generator
  • Helps you proofread your work and check for plagiarism
  • Super easy to use


  • The free version is very limited
  • The extension can be buggy at times, such as failing to remove marked errors even after corrections
  • Plagiarism tool doesn’t work via the extension, so you need to use teh Grammarly cloud-based editor

Why we recommend Grammarly: Grammarly is the best all-around spelling, grammar, and plagiarism checker. The Chrome extension makes it easy to use since it can work directly on your WordPress editor, making it perfect for site owners.

Pricing: Grammarly is free to use. That said, the free version will only tell you if your content has plagiarism, but it won’t show you which parts are plagiarized. In order to see that, you’ll need to update to the GrammarlyGO (paid version). The premium plan starts at $12 per month you get access to AI-generation features, along with more precise plagiarism detection.

2. Copyscape

Copyscape Copyscape

Copyscape is a cloud-based plagiarism detection tool that helps you look for potential instances of content theft. You can either type the URL from a website, paste the text of the content, or upload a file.

This is an excellent tool for all professional writers or freelancers who take plagiarism seriously.

The tools work by analyzing the text against a large database of existing content. It looks for exact matches, paraphrased content, and similarities. The software then calculates a similarity score for each segment of the text. Higher similarity scores mean that there is a higher chance of plagiarism.

For WordPress users, you’ll want to download the Copyscape plugin so you can use your API credentials to easily connect Copyscape Premium to your WordPress account.

From there, it’ll show up in the sidebar of the content editor, where you can run a ‘Copyscape Check.’ Then, it’ll appear on the top of your post and let you view matches of instances of plagiarism in your blog post.

Copyscape premiumCopyscape premium


  • Offers bath search capability
  • Integrates with other tools like Jasper, so you can ensure your generated text is plagiarism-free.
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Many languages supported
  • Can easily connect with WordPress through API


  • Can’t save reports
  • Slow customer support
  • Lack of device support

Why we recommend Copyscape: Copyscape is a user-friendly plagiarism checker that draws upon a powerful search engine-based database to deliver its results.

We recommend this tool for content agencies and blogs of all sizes. This tool is especially helpful for those who publish content in languages besides English because it supports almost all common languages. That means no matter what language your content is in, Copyscape can find out if there’s plagiarism.

Pricing: Each plagiarism search costs $0.03 plus an additional $0.01 for every 100 words that you scan.

3. Originality.ai

Originalityai Originalityai

Originality.ai is a plagiarism and AI content detector for writers and site owners. This platform lets you easily check if your writing is unique by comparing it to public-facing web content while running it through an AI detector.

If you hire writers to write blog posts, you’ll probably want to ensure they’re not producing AI-spammy content.

That said, you shouldn’t entirely trust AI detection tools unless it says 100% AI. These AI checkers are great for checking if someone just copied ChatGPT and pasted it into the article.

Other than that, we don’t suggest that you solely on AI detection tools since they aren’t completely accurate.


  • Relatively cheap to use and can detect 200,000 words of AI content with $20 credits
  • Highlights text and links to the source sites to identify suspected plagiarized content easily
  • Shareable reports available to send to team members
  • Includes a readability checker to tell you whether your article is hard to read or not
  • Chrome extension for easy access


  • Potentially false positives for AI detection
  • No free trial

Why we recommend Originality.ai: Originality.ai is the perfect tool for writers, agencies, web designers, and business owners who want to validate that the content isn’t solely written by AI or ripped off another website.

The platform has many other useful features, such as a content readability checker, a Chrome extension, the ability to scan entire websites, and team access.

Pricing: Originality costs $14.95 for their base subscription, which gives 2,000 credits and a wide range of features like an AI scan, automated fact checker, plagiarism scan, readability scan, and more. 1 credit scans 100 words, meaning 2,000 credits give you 200,000 words per month. You can also pay as you go if you need to scan more words.

4. SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

SEMrush writing assistant SEMrush writing assistant

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant is a tool that helps you write and optimize SEO content. However, they also have a built-in plagiarism detection tool.

Once you type, import, or paste your content into the editor, the tool will give you readability, originality, SEO, and tone of voice suggestions.

This tool will give you a percentage of the text that is considered original and show the sources for all duplicated text.

They even have a paraphrasing tool, so you can adjust your wording and avoid plagiarism. Or, you can leverage their AI capability to generate new wording. This can help you expand, summarize, or simplify any sections of the text.

SEMrush plagiarism checkerSEMrush plagiarism checker


  • SEO Writing Assistant offers plugins for WordPress, MS Word, and Google Docs
  • The tools let you rephrase content that is plagiarized within the content editor
  • You can easily check for plagiarism in the same place where you edit your content
  • Offers multiple templates for different types of content


  • Doesn’t have a content-sharing feature or editors to update the content

Why we recommend SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant: This tool has a wide range of features to help you outline, generate, rephrase, edit, and proofread your content.

If you’re already using SEMrush for keyword research or content planning, the SEO writing assistant is another tool to help you create optimized blog posts to rank higher on search engines.

Pricing: SEMRush does have a free version. However, you’ll need an SEMrush Pro subscription to run plagiarism checks and get SEO recommendation reports, along with all of its other powerful features. Also, it costs $5 for every 10 plagiarism checks.

5. Scribbr

Scribbr Scribbr

Scribbr is a plagiarism detector that is part of a wider suite of tools, including an APA reference generator and an academic proofreader.

This plagiarism software is the perfect tool for authors, journalists, and non-profits who want to maintain the integrity and quality of their written work.

Generally, when you write more formal content, such as research or academic papers, white papers, or other fact-driven articles, you’ll want to create citations. Scribbr can generate accurate citations and save hours of repetitive work.

Scribbr has the largest database out there. It checks your content against 99 billion web pages and 8 million publications. The platform also supports 20 languages, making it a viable solution for non-native writers.

What’s great about Scribbr is that they even offer proofreading services. The editors will provide expert feedback on the flow and structure of your writing so you can present your ideas clearly and concisely. That way, you can be confident that your writing is polished and speaks to your audience.


  • Highly accurate online plagiarism checker
  • Even recognizes plagiarism when a few words are swapped for synonyms
  • Preserves user privacy and won’t upload your documents to its database
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Comes with a citation generator


  • Can be pricey at $0.016 per word
  • Doesn’t offer 24/7 support

Why we recommend Scribbr: Scribbr is a great choice for professionals who need to write more academic or highly technical work that requires a lot of fact-checking.

You could also use it to help you write any legal documentation, such as writing your privacy or terms and conditions for your online store.

Pricing: Scribbr offers a limited free version that tells you whether or not your content contains potential plagiarism. But if you want to view the full report, you’ll need to buy the premium version, which starts at $19.95, depending on the word count. Unfortunately, since they charge based on the number of words, it can become pricey compared to a subscription plan like Grammarly.

6. Copyleaks


Copyleaks is a plagiarism and AI content detector that helps you ensure that your content is human-written and likely to be indexed by Google.

This software uses advanced AI content detection methods to detect plagiarized and AI-generated content.

The process is simple to use. All you have to do is paste the text you want to check, and it’ll return a probability score in seconds that tells you the likelihood of plagiarism and AI usage.

To make the features more convenient, Copyleaks offers a browser extension that allows you to check online pages for AI-written content. It’s one of the only tools that can actually check for plagiarism through a browser extension, saving you the back-and-forth copy-and-paste.

If you’re an agency owner or you manage a team of content creators, you won’t have to ask your team members to visit the Copyleaks website. Instead, you can simply connect Copyleaks within your website via API.

It can even detect AI-generated code, which is helpful in knowing whether your developers used ChatGPT or other AI tools to write and add their custom code.



  • Accuracy may vary

Why we recommend Copyleaks: It’s trusted by some of the top institutions like SEMrush and Medium.

Also, Copyleaks is geared towards enterprise companies, allowing you to invite team members from various departments to submit their own content. It lets you store internal documents so you can compare future written work for a more comprehensive scan and results.

Pricing: Copyleaks is free to use for the first 250 words of scanned content. The most affordable plan starts at $10.99 for up to 100 pages per month. You can increase your plan based on your needs.

7. Secure Copy Content Protection and Content Locking

Secure Copy Content Protection and Content LockingSecure Copy Content Protection and Content Locking

Secure Copy Content Protection and Content Locking is a plugin that effectively prevents web scraping and content theft.

While this isn’t a plagiarism detector, it’s a good way to prevent others from stealing your content and claiming it as their own. By protecting your content from theft, you help maintain its uniqueness, which can positively impact your search engine rankings.

When the plugin is activated, it disables the right-click, copy-paste, and content selection shortcut keys.

The plugin also allows you to apply watermarks to images, preventing others from taking them and using them on their website. That’s because users could screenshot those images even if you remove the copy-and-paste function. But with a watermark, you’re always protected.

Also, this copy protection plugin lets you disable inspect elements, so no copy infringement may happen.

Web scraping involves automated bots or scripts that extract data from websites. Disabling inspect elements can be one measure to make web scraping more difficult, as scrapers often rely on inspecting the HTML structure of a site to extract data.


  • Very easy to use
  • Prevents content theft and web scraping by disabling right-click
  • Able to add password protection to any page
  • Works on both desktops and mobile devices


  • Determined users can still find ways to copy content

Why we recommend Secure Copy Content Protection and Content Locking: This is a must-have plugin for business websites. That’s because search engines value original content, and this plugin helps in preserving that.

Pricing: The plugin is free to use and lets you perform essential functions like protecting content and disabling right-clicking. The paid plan costs a one-time payment of $49 and gives you advanced features such as the ability to watermark images, block IP or country, and more.

For more details on implementing this, read our guide on how to add content looking in WordPress.

You can also create a gated paywall to effectively lock your WordPress content. This allows you to charge for your premium content and prevent others from easily stealing them.

MemberPress is the best membership plugin for WordPress. With this powerful plugin, you can easily create a membership site so only premium members can see the best content that you have to offer, keeping it away from scrapers and thieves.

What’s the Best Plagiarism Checker Tool?

That being said, we believe that Copyscape is the best plagiarism checker available. Since it seamlessly connects with WordPress, you will have a built-in tool to easily detect areas of plagiarized text.

However, if you’re worried about AI content detection, then you can also use tools like Originality.ai or Copyleaks. You can use SEMrush SEO writing assistant as an all-one- writing tool for generating, editing and checking for plagiarized content. It gives you suggestions on how you can improve your content for higher search rankings.

We hope you found this article helpful in learning about the best plagiarism tools for SEO. If you’re new to blogging, check out our guide on how to start a WordPress blog or how to increase your blog traffic the easy way.

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