8 Best Free Proxy Servers – Surf Web Anonymously


You can maintain your privacy by using free proxy Server websites service for a safe browsing experience. A free proxy server lets you access blocked websites all over the world. A proxy server requests resources for information from clients of other servers and acts as an intermediary. The proxy servers use a cache that helps in serving many clients.

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A web proxy helps you to stay anonymous while you are viewing a website online. A proxy server can do this by hiding a client’s private IP, blocking specific sites, blocking malicious traffic, keep a record of a server’s activity and speed up the performance.

Any device can be set up to start using an anonymous proxy server. You don’t need to configure the address of the proxy server in the browser as you do in the case of SOCKS or HTTP. You will only need the internet service as usual and access it from the proxy website. Here are some of the best proxy servers available for free.

8 Best Free Web Proxies to Let You Surf Securely Online

1. Hidester

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Hidester protects you from a malicious process that can cause harm to your computer system and scripts while it provides SSL proxy support. Hidester is known as one of the best and reliable proxy websites in the market. Hidester provides you with automatic SSL technology that keeps you protected from the hackers that are trying to steal your information and other nasty scripts.

There is an option of U.S. and Europe server available for you to choose from before starting the browsing. You can always pick to cut off objects from loading, accept and reject script, allow or disallow cookies and to encrypt the URL. Changes can be made to the referrer of the browser while using Hidester. Changing referrer will make it look like you are accessing the web from a different web browser or operating system. There is also an option of deleting any cache that the website is storing, this can be done when you use Hidester web proxy. There is a feature of using a password generator tool in Hidester. Paying for the services of Hidester allows you to access hundreds of proxy servers among various countries.

Visit URL : https://hidester.com/proxy/

2. Hide.me

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Hide.me offers to surf the web anonymous and a free web proxy to open the blocked websites. You can enter the URL that you want to access and then choose an option of proxy location from the drop-down menu. The proxy location options usually available are the U.S., Netherlands, and Germany.

Hide.me lets you enable and disable cookies, objects, scripts, encryption just like other websites offering free proxy servers. Hide.me is a super-fast-free proxy server and is free of any annoying ads and popup windows.

Visit URL : https://hide.me/en/proxy

3. KProxy


Most of the anonymous free web proxies have a menu on the top of the screen and fail to provide any option to hide it.

KProxy is a unique proxy site that offers the option of hiding the menu that shows at the top of the screen. KProxy helps you to browse effectively. KProxy offers various other benefits such as it lets you access ten different proxy servers if your IP address is blocked while browsing through one of the web proxies. KProxy offers you to switch between different available proxy servers to not create an interruption between the browsing experiences and get instant access to the site again.

KProxy also provides you with another feature which you won’t get in every other free proxy websites. It provides you with a small application that you can use to hide your web traffic while using the Firefox or Chrome browser. KProxy app works similarly to that of a VPN. Except that it only works within the boundaries of Firefox or Chrome. You can apply it to pages that you can request from the servers.

Visit URL : https://kproxy.com/

4. ProxySite


ProxySite is a web proxy that can be used with YouTube along with all the other sites. The proxy server location available to choose from in Europe and U.S. ProxySite works on a gigabit network. It guarantees that the speed of your search will never slow down. You can optimize your browsing experience by choosing between accessing it above and below the address bar.

You can want to encrypt the URL if you wish to, allow cookies, and remove objects and scripts.

Visit URL : https://www.proxysite.com/

5. Hide My Ass


Hide My Ass is a famous company providing services for proxy niches (free proxy website) as well as the VPN (HMA VPN). The company is based in the UK originally and offers an easy solution for your browsing requirements. You can take advantage of a handy address bar that you can use to access any site by hiding your IP address. It also offers advanced feature such as SSL certification.

Hide My Ass provides a cent percent free service for an anonymous web proxy site. To avail this free version of Hide My Ass site, all you need to do is pick the option of lower speed and choose to browse the web instead of encrypting the connection, stream the HD video, play games options. You can begin using it by picking up a country, choosing standard from the ‘connection speed’ option and select ‘Browse the web’ option before entering the specific URL that you want to visit. Hide My Ass also provides you with numerous other services such as anonymous referrer service, anonymous email service, and HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS proxy servers.

Visit URL : https://www.hidemyass.com/index

6. Whoer.net


Whoer.net is a quick, easy and free web proxy site to change your IP Address, get anonymous on the web and unblock sites. There is a lot more you can do on this site though. You can find out the server’s response time by helping the website administrators through carrying out a ping test. You can also perform the speed test of your internet connection on Whoer.net.

There is a list of locations where the proxy servers available for you. You can pick from U.S. (Los Angeles), U.K. (London), France (Paris), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Russia (Moscow), Saint-Petersburg (Russia), and Sweden (Stockholm).

However, a huge uncomfortable part of using Whoer.net is that a big ad always pops into the browser which asks you to purchase the service of VPN.

Visit URL : https://whoer.net/

7. Anonymouse

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Anonymouse may seem a little bit dull to some users as it lacks a colorful user interface. The good part is that it serves the purpose of its existence pretty well. It provides you with a simple address bar to enter any URL and visit a site of your choice.

Anonymouse has been in the line of free best proxy servers for many years. The website is translated in two languages German and English. Anonymouse is free to use, but it has the option of purchasing a budget-friendly low-cost subscription plan to access the proxy servers faster along with some other features such as an ability to access HTTPS websites, increase the downloading size, ad-free surfing.

Visit URL : http://anonymouse.org/

8. VPNBook


VPNBook provides you with a more transparent and less cluttered anonymous free proxy website service compared to the other free proxy sites. You can pick any location of the proxy servers from Canada, U.S. and U.K., The only limitation with using VPNBook, is that you don’t have any control over enabling or disabling cookies and blocking scripts like other web proxy browser.

Visit URL : https://www.vpnbook.com/

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