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Listening audio book while doing your daily work, add some interest and fun in your life. Audio books are very popular as you don’t need to read it. All you need is put your device on the speaker or use headphones and play it. Word-by-word pronunciation will start and you can listen to it while doing anything. But listening to audio books can be a little expensive as there are very few audio books that are available for free. If you love to listen audio books, you can download these from the torrent websites.

Here is a list of top 10 Torrent Sites for Audio book

There are plenty of torrent sites available from where you can download audio books for free but some torrent websites don’t work properly. Here in this article, the top 10 working websites are shared. You can use any one of these to download your favorite audio book.


zooqle search engine-min

It is one of the most used torrent websites that allows you to download audio books as well as Movies, games and TV shows. Everything available there is of very high quality. You can find any torrent with Zooqle and can easily download.

Zooqle lets you download for free. Anyone can download from here. Also, the content available on Zooqle is verified by the community members.

Visit Website : https://zooqle.com/

Torrent OFF

torrent off-min

This is another audio book torrent websites from where you can download audio books for free. Along with this, you can also download Videos, TV Shows, Movie Clips and Software from here. Everything here is well categorized. If you are searching for audio books, you can find that in the Books category. Just click on it.

Next, find and click on the option Audio. All audio books will be there for you to download. To use this site, there is no need to sign up. Just visit it and download torrent audio books.

Visit Website : http://www.torrof.com/

Audio Book Bay

audio book bay-min

It is the most popular website to download audio books. Audio Book bay is mainly focused on audio books so here you can easily find audio book torrents. Also, there are eBooks available that you can download. Everything is available here is free of cost. The reason audiobookbay has millions of users is that it is updated very frequently. The books which are not available on other similar websites can be easily found here.

Also, with audio book bay, you can share your audio book safely with high quality. In case you are not able to find your audio book here, you can simply use the search option. Just add the Title of the audio book and audio book bay will find that title for you.

Visit Website : http://abbaudiobook.com/



Bitport helps you to download audio book torrents in the cloud. This is an amazing feature of Bit port as it allows you to stream audio books without saving in PC or without downloading it. Bitport works well on all platforms so you can access it from any device. With the help of this website, you can download large files very fast and easily.

Also, you don’t need to download and install any torrent client and because of this, the downloading speed remains very fast. So, all you need is an internet connection and you can download your favorite audio books with this.

Visit Website : https://bitport.io/welcome


audiobook torrents-min

This website mainly focused on audio books. You can download any from here. Unlike other similar websites, this website required registration. When done, you can search for torrent audio books and can download these.

There is one this to keep in mind while signing is that if you failed to login to your account 5 times, your IP will be banned and you will not be able to use the website.

Visit Website : http://abtorrents.me/



Extratorrent allows you to download movies, games, songs and audio books for free. It is a Bit Torrent system which is made to easily find the torrent files. At the top of the website is a search box that helps you to search the audio books. Types the name of the audio book you want to download and ExtraTorrent will come up that audio file.

You can use this website without any registration. Everything here is easily accessible to everyone as all the content is categorized.

Visit Website : https://extratorrent.si/

My Anonamouse

my anonymouse-min

This is also one of the most used websites. For the audio book lovers, this website is best as all new released audio books and old famous audio books available here for free. Here you can find a huge number of audio books.

This website cannot be accessed by everyone as it is a closed community and you can only sign up if you have an invite. From the main page of the website, you can apply for the invite.

Visit Website : https://torrents.me/site/myanonamouse/



This is also a very famous eBook downloading website. There are thousands of eBooks available at Book-Share that can be downloaded easily. The best part of this website is that you can read the description of the book before download it. All eBooks are categorized around 50 categories so it becomes easy to find and download an eBook.

To download anything from this website you need to register first. Registration is simple, just provide your email and set up a password for your account and verify your email. When done, you can download plenty of books from there.

Visit Website : https://www.bookshare.org/


free book spot-min

It is another famous website for downloading books. FreeBookSpot categorized books in around 85 categories and also you can sort the books by popularity and genre. You can search the books by author name.

Visit Website : http://www.freebookspot.es/default.aspx



Here you can find eBook torrents and also you can find the recently viewed eBooks. There are around 3713193 eBooks available at Ebookee. To download you need to sign up first.

So, these are the top 10 websites from where you can download the audio book torrents. Open any of these and download the audio books for free. While using any of these websites, don’t forget to use a VPN as in many countries downloading with torrents is banned. VPN will hide your location and will allow you to browse the internet with a different IP and location.

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Visit Website : https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/5632685-ebookie

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