Isohunt : 10 Best Alternatives To Iso Hunt Torrent


Isohunt is basically an online torrent provider that is not only listed among the peer to peer system but also is an online index providing hundreds and much more than that even thousands of torrent files. These torrent files are available in many categories such as music, videos, movies, books, software, programs, even apps and much more. Visitors of torrent have the benefit that they can explore torrent on this software without any limitations on time as well as there is no restriction on the files allowed to be uploaded.


Since Isohunt also has the system to upload files those wanting to share files can do so here. Sharing here does not necessarily mean you are restricted to uploading the torrent files only, but it also means making the files and then further sharing it. Because of this system, it has become a universal torrent service provider.

However, there are many other sites listed below like Iso hunt that provide you with the same benefits:

10 Best Alternatives To iSOhunt You Should Check

The Pirate Bay

the pirate bay search engine-min

This is one of the most flexible BitTorrent sites, it is a great source of providing website from where you can get your required torrent files in almost all categories such as movies, music, games, books as well as registered software. This leading platform provides torrent files for free. The only disadvantage being it is not that user-friendly doesn’t provide the required meta link to its users so you will be forced to download The Pirate Bay directly to your system. But can be considered as you can get good stuff from the giant engine of the Pirate Bay.

Visit Website : http://thepiratebay.org


1337x search engine-min

One of the alternatives available to Isohunt.to  is 1337X, it is considered to be a dedicated platform for major torrent based files. This one has two options, you can either stream the available torrent link or even download it in the shape of magnet link. To download through the magnet link you can either download the torrent file with the use of any torrent client or another way is you can also download manager which is very popular nowadays as it gives the best downloading speed. This software also gives you the best and valid torrent in a lot of genres like anime, apps, documentaries and many more.

Visit Website : https://1337x.to/movie-library/7/



Demonoid is one of the popular BitTorrent trackers and registers around millions of users on a week to week basis. As of now Demonoid is a public tracker and no registration is required for it and you can easily download the content. One of the important thing about Demonoid is that it gets moderated by the staff members on a regular basis. So, torrents that get unnoticed or infected are very less. This tracker does also include file-sharing related discussion forums and also an index that is searchable for the tracker.

Visit Website : http://www.demonoid.pw/


rarbg.to search engine-min

RARBG is like isohunts, a website that allows torrent search and also provides index service. The main advantage is that using the popular BitTorrent protocol it does provide torrent files and also provides magnet links to facilitate peer-to-peer users thereby to share the files and also help in data transfer. This one is very popular as it has trusted torrents but the only disadvantage being the ads shown.

Visit Website : https://rarbg.to/


yts.am search engine-min

YTS is one of the popular torrent portals where millions of torrent files are part and parcel of its index. The only thing that is a drawback is that it only provides movies and not other things like software, games,etc. But, in case you are a movie fan then this is the leading platform and you will find all the newly released movies and all the latest content very easily. If you are a die heart entertainment lover, this system can even show you the latest movies just after the first premier show.

Visit Website : https://yts.am/


zooqle search engine-min

Zooqle which was initially known as Bitsnoop does work as a web crawler in need to find the best torrents. It was founded way back in 2008 and is also a great site to download a no. of things, including videos, audio books, Bollywood and even Hollywood movies. This software has always been a reliable source whether to download series or movies and anime also. Also, an added advantage is that it is free of cost.

Visit Website : https://zooqle.me


limetorrents.cc search engine-min

LimeTorrents is one among the verified torrent provider whether in case of movies, TV shows, apps, software or anime movies, games and even more. Searching torrents on this website is easy either, you can follow the advanced search engine of the LimeTorrents or you can go directly to the top torrents and choose the latest torrent category. Adult-based content is a prohibition on this site so make sure not to do that.

Visit Website : http://limetorrents.cc/



BTDB is said to be a magnet as well as a torrent search engine. It is faster than other, more cleaner and has magnet links. Since it has more than 91 million indexed torrents, it is considered as being the largest torrent indexers. Also, an advantage is that you can find almost everything on this site.

Visit Website : https://en.btdb.to/



TorrentRover is one of the torrent downloaders along with being search manager. It would help you download some of your favorite music or movies or TV shows even applications and much more. So, overall you can also search, even manage and also download torrent files with the click of your desktop itself. This app has unique features. It has a much simpler user interface, searches very fast, gives you simple results and is also known for an automated download system.

Visit Website : https://www.torrentrover.com/



Torlock being a similar site like Iso.hunt, you can easily have access to anything ranging from music to movies with just a click of a button. You can even manage to download larger files anywhere at any time on this. Since often considered as pirated sites these torrents are often blocked just in case to protect the issues of copyright. But you can still find links to access this site.  Even slow internet connections are not an issue or a hindrance in the downloading process.

Visit Website : https://www.torlock.com

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