Best Android Music Players App 2018


Best Android Music Players App 2018

Nowadays, there are many different types of application available on our phone to stream the music. There are music applications like Pandora, Saavn, Wynk, and Gaana and so on. But then again, they all are available only when you have the net connection on your phone. There are some places where the network doesn’t reach and even while travelling the net keeps going and coming back. That’s why we keep music saved on our phones to play whenever we want to. Here in this blog, we are going to tell you about the best android music players that you should have in your phone in case you don’t have any and are finding it difficult to decide on one.

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Read ahead to find out more about free applications to download on your Android phone and stream music without any hassle. Read ahead and find out which one matches your preference and download that one free from Google Play Store.

List Of Top 10 Best Android Music Players Of 2018

Google Play Music

google play music

Every android user is already aware of this application. Powered by Google, this one is a default application in every android phone. This application has space for more than 45,000 songs. This application lets you store songs from any app that you’re streaming on without any trouble.

This android music player gives the user access to the whole Google Play catalogue along with the ad-free subscription of YouTube Red. Now, who doesn’t want an ad-free video streaming site to be honest?

Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet Music Player

This one is an advertisement free application for android users. The best news- it’s free to use. This application supports a different variety of music no matter what the format is. This one has a feature that lets you create different queues for your favourite songs.

Now, this android music player is more about how to serve its purpose correctly to the user rather than how to be right in style. It is an application that fulfils its mission of playing music and stay at that only.

Black Player

BlackPlayer Music Player

Not many know about this best music app for android. This one is sleek, minimal and with a high configuration that has best features embedded. There are swipe controls that let you navigate easily throughout the app once you understand how it works.

It has five band equaliser and different type of audio effects and many more depending on the device it is used on. One of my favourite features is that it has embedded lyrics so you can now sing your favourite track before forgetting the words.


Phonograph Music Player

This one has a great user interface that makes people forget about its hidden features. This application is free and has different functions such as playlist management, tag editing all along with contextual menus in it. The interface is entirely cluttered free which makes it easier to use.

One interesting feature is that app’s entire colour change and synchronises along with the music art which is very interesting. However, there is no sleep timer equaliser to work along and might need to install other application for these.

Double Twist

doubleTwist Music

Another free best music app for Android, Double Twist is the package that you might be looking for in this package. This android application provides the customised mix of your playlist with the help of magic radio. Double twist lets you sync it with windows media player or iTunes from PC to your phone with the support of USB, of course.

This android application is as functional as it is stylish. If you’re looking for a complete android music package, this one might be your pick we think.


Shuttle Music Player

This one is the most famous applications out there for Android. This one is free for the users, but there are also some paid features that you might want to take up later. It has gapless playback, an equaliser, artist downloads and many more features to work with.

This one application takes full advantage of the Android User Interface and all the widgets that are we mostly don’t use. It also has upgrading features in case you want to upgrade it.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music

This application allows you to play locally stored music edit or create playlist, stream music anywhere you want and you can connect it via Bluetooth too.

There are cloud locker streaming and market integration also which makes it different from the rest of the other applications. If you take the amazon prime membership, you get to stream millions of free music without any advertisements. This one hell of a deal isn’t it?!


Musixmatch - Lyrics for your music

This application automatically shows the lyrics when the song plays. With the five band equaliser, it goes well with other music applications such as Spotify and plays music.

It has a feature called floating lyrics which helps the words to the surface when the song plays and that too in sync. You can download it for free on your android phone and enjoy the songs along with the lyrics.


Spotify Music

This one is the best of them all. The king of the music application, Spotify has the vast variety of music on its site that can you can stream easily. You can get more than an account if you take up the subscription that is paid.

This application has excellent user interface making it easier for users to work this application. With the playlist that consists of million songs of different genres, this application leaves them all behind.

Rocket player

Rocket Music Player

Rocket player is the last name in our list of best android music players. It comprises of a number of features that let you organise, play and provides you with best android music experience. The music player show all the songs, albums, artist, playlist and genre.

You can play the music in any format like mp3, 3pg, m4a and more. Customize tabs and play the songs according to your choice in the library.


These were some of the best android music Player apps that are free and help your android phone to play the song. If the online streaming sites aren’t for you and you, don’t like the option of being online always to find your favourite track, download any of the free application listed above, download the trails and enjoy listening to it offline. Rock your playlist in the party or during the date night even if you don’t have the net in your phone. Now that sounds fun, right?

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