10 Best Android Video Downloader For Youtube 2018


YouTube has always been the primary source of entertainment for many people. This portal has been in use for education, for learning new things, for news, songs and various other entertainment sources. You will definitely turn to YouTube whenever you intend to watch the video or audio for free, watch movies in HD or even know about the latest events in the world. But for all these, you need to remain connected to your wifi connection. Leaving your connection means the video would stop in between only. Won’t it be interesting if you can just download those YouTube videos and save them to watch later and that too without spending any extra penny?

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So, downloading your videos is very easy now on the Android phone. You can easily grab the videos with the help of some of the best video Downloader’s. Most of the times these downloading apps do not require any kind of subscription and are free of cost, you just need your internet connection and a good internet speed to go on. So, this would allow you to easily grab your online videos to offline.

So, here we would discuss some of the best YouTube Downloader’s for android which would help you download your favorite videos in no time:

1. Videoder

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One of the android YouTube Downloader is Videorder. It has lots of incredible features. This Downloader has a well-designed interface and its downloading process is pretty fast. It is basically a tool that allows you to search for the video you would like to use and then download it directly to your Android.

This tool also has a special feature that it converts video to audio. Also, the main benefit is that you can choose resolution as well as the format for downloading the video. Since this app is not available on the play store you can download it from its official site and install on your phone for free.

Visit Website : https://www.videoder.net/

2. Tubemate

tube mate-min

Tubemate3 is basically the third version of one of the best YouTube downloader android. This app facilitates that you can easily store whatever videos you want to watch onto your device and later on watch them in your free time without requirement of the internet.  Using this app is pretty simple.

You can access it through in-app browser by just tapping on it. Additional benefit is that you can even choose file format for your videos like MP4, MP3, WEBM, OGG, etc.

Visit Website : http://tubemate.net/

3. Snaptube 


Snaptube is one of the apps that help to download YouTube videos on your Android without any problems. You can easily categorize your videos under different headings most viewed, popular as well as daily recommendations. The simplest way is to just type the name of the video you need in the search bar and you will get it.

So, browsing on this is very simple. Once you get the video you can directly save it on your device. Apart from downloading audio and video, this app can also be used to manage your channel.

Visit Website : https://www.snaptubeapp.com/

4. InsTube

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This is among the best YouTube Downloader android as it not only supports downloading content from YouTube but also has an advantage of downloading dozens of video services and flowing music. Some of the portals it supports are Twitter, Instagram, Sound cloud, Vimeo, Vine, and Tune among others.

You have an option to install this app to any of the sites within your browser only. So, with this app, you can enjoy your favorite songs and videos easily.

Visit Website : https://instube.com/

5. KeepVid


Another one in the list of these apps is KeepVid. This is basically an app that helps in downloading videos from YouTube, Daily motion, Vimeo as well as other video sites comfortably and also faster. In this, each video gets stored into your device’s local memory so that it can be played offline as and when required. For downloading videos a number of options are available.

One of them is you can directly login to YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Sound Cloud, Instagram or others by simply clicking any of the buttons from the main tab. Another option is you can simply paste the link for a video you want directly onto KeepVid.

Visit Website : https://keepvid.com/

6. Tubex


Tubex is one among the best YouTube Downloader android. It is also a free app to download YouTube videos on Android and that can be used to watch all the videos. The main advantage of this app is that it offers a high speed even though your internet might not be that fast.

This app has an added advantage of supporting multi download options.

Visit Website : https://tubex-fast-youtube-downloader.en.9apps.com/

7. VidMate 


VidMate is one of the popular YouTube Downloader android. It offers you watching and downloading the videos with an easy click. Advantages of this Downloader are that it allows you to download from YouTube, watch live TV and moreover you can auto detect the videos before you download them.

Another feature that makes it popular is it automatically selects the resource links for videos.

Visit Website : https://vidmate.com/

8. YT3 YouTube Downloader 

YT3 YouTube Downloader -min

YT3 is an excellent Downloader as it allows you to download videos and music easily. Though it is not as big as Tubemate but its powerful features make it an outstanding application. Downloading is simple with this app and you can save your videos in HD or SD as per your choice.

Its interface has two tabs: one is so that you can search for any artist or song of your choice and other you can see all your downloads. So, there would be no confusion.

Visit Website : https://www.yt3dl.net/

9. New Pipe

new pipe-min

This Downloader does not use any YouTube API or are not dependent on Google’s framework. This one is an open source application. This one is used to analyze YouTube itself. Features of the new pipe are basically its small size, i.e. barely 2 megabytes and another feature is that it is possible to listen to videos while they keep playing in the background.

With this app, you can download the video or audio only depends upon you.

Visit Website : https://newpipe.schabi.org/

10. WonTube


The last one on our list is WonTube, android YouTube Downloader. This one is the reliable and also user-friendly app as it has a very good downloading speed index.

This is also the top choice for users as it offers YouTube video streaming without any buffering and that too free of cost. It generally works well with connections such as 3G, 4G etc.

Visit Website : http://www.wontube.com/free-youtube-downloader.html

These Youtube Video Downloader’s For Android make the things easy, so it is as per your needs which application to choose.