6 Best Dating Apps For Android & iOS 2018 – Free & Paid


In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, we barely have time for ourselves let alone somebody else. We try our best to engross ourselves in our work or with our friends and family, but can never drive away from our inner wants and feelings. One such feeling is the need for a close companion or partner. No matter how hard most people try, they cannot do away with this feeling and neither find the time to do something about it.

6 Best Dating Apps For Android & iOS 2018 - Free & Paid

The solution to this is dating online, more specifically dating using your mobile phones. Welcome to the 21st century, where dating has a whole new meaning since it has gone online. If you use an Android smartphone, then you can try out one of the many free online dating apps to socialize and talk to people. These android dating apps match you with people according to your mutual likes and preferences while at the same time can protect your identity and integrity as you don’t have to go out and meet them until a strong initial connection has been made, and you wish to meet in person finally.

Whether you are a shy person, a very choosy person or an overly outspoken person, these free dating apps can help you properly channel your thoughts so you can open up to people and potentially find your soulmate.

Here, we have compiled a list of some of the best free dating apps for android to help you find someone without overly complicating things and help you improve your dating game if needed.

1. Tinder


When you search for dating apps in the google play store, Tinder is one of the first ones you see on the list. This is for a good reason too because it is one of the most widely used dating apps for people who are on the go.

Tinder matches you with people in your locality and from there spreads over a large area in case you don’t find who you are looking for in your area. The profile pictures of people are displayed, and you need to ‘swipe’ right to approve or left to disapprove. If you happen to approve of someone who also approved on your photograph, then Tinder matches both of you, and then you can start conversing.

Most people argue that this is a very shallow way of interaction as you are most likely to only talk to people or rate them beforehand based on whether you like the way they look. We do agree to a certain point, but we feel that if people are genuine and honest about finding a serious relationship, then they can look past the looks and connect on a deeper level after initiating a conversation.

The basic version of Tinder is free which allows you a healthy number of swipes for a certain interval. The premium version, ‘Tinder Plus,’ give you access to as many swipes and matches as you want, and we feel that Tinder sneakily tends to recommend their paid subscribers more.

Whether you pay for it or use it for free, Tinder remains one of the best dating apps for android.

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2. Bumble

Bumble — Date. Meet Friends. Network-min

Bumble is relatively new to the online dating game, but that hasn’t stopped it from generating a lot of buzzes. Just like Tinder, you can approve of the profiles displayed to you by swiping. The profiles suggested are displayed within your locality or in a region of your choosing.

In heterosexual matches on Bumble, conversations can only be initiated by women. So, you can say that Bumble is a dating app for a woman to some extent. In the case of same-gender matches or when people are just looking to socialize and make friends, anyone can start a conversation with the other.

There also a paid feature called BumbleBoost which increases your chances of being suggested to other people.

What we like about Bumble Bee is that it pushes for building a relationship by first building a good friendship between two people. You learn how to socialize, to adapt to other people’s social habits and build a strong bong before choosing to move to the next step from a bond of friendships to that of soulmates.

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3. OkCupid

OkCupid Dating-min

When it comes to popularity, OkCupid goes toe to toe with Tinder when it comes to the best free dating app android has to offer.

It has a massive user base spread across the earth, and you are never likely to run out of matches. The one problem with this massive user base is that you might be matched with people who reside far away from you or even in another country when you have exhausted your local options.

Despite this minor flaw in their algorithm, OkCupid takes the online dating process to a whole new level. When you set up your profile, you have to answer a set of in-depth questions, and based on your answers you are matched with people who have the same or similar answers to yours. So OkCupid makes sure that the person you are matched with has a personality you are looking for can accept and adapt to.

We also like the fact you are allowed the freedom to text people, even if they appear on your ‘possible match’ suggestions. It gives you the opportunity to interact with people whom you may never have thought about talking to or being able to socialize with if the algorithm entirely controlled your profile activity.

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4. Hinge

Hinge Dating -min

The hinge is a dating app for those who seek serious relationships. When you set up your profile, you have to upload at least six genuine photographs of yourself and then answer a few questions based on your personality and likes and dislikes. Unlike other dating services, other users can comment on your pictures and profile which leads to a more free and positive interactive environment. What better way it there to improve yourself, then following the feedback of other people?

The interface is also very clean but at the same time more mature than other flamboyant dating apps. You will notice that the people who interact with you or use this app, in general, are more mature and are not looking for one-off flings or lazy relationships. So, this is great for young adults and even for those over fifty who are looking to fall in love again.

Another thing we like about Hinge is that you can message people even If you don’t get matched with them. This leads to more open channels and free-flowing opportunities for people to mix and interact with others on the regular.

If you are truly looking to form a serious bond, then your search for the best dating apps for Android has just come to an end with Hinge.

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5. Huggle


Huggle takes a different but somewhat logical approach to online dating. It tries to match you with people who like going to the places or the kind of places you frequently visit. The reasoning behind this is that if you and whoever is matched with you love hanging out in the same kind of place, then the chances are high that your personalities are the same or at the least compatible with each other. Also, the algorithm tries to estimate if your lifestyle would match with the people you are looking for.

You have the swiping mechanism to accept or reject, then message people who have approved on you, set your locality and even specify if you are looking for a friendship or relationship.

A great thing we like about Huggle is that it tries to deter scammers and catfishers because to set up an account you need to have an authentic Facebook account and undergo a 1-minute photo verification process.

If you are one of those people, who like to meet people in a more chilled out fashion, then Huggle is the app for you.

Profiles on Huggle also have the company name and job profile section, so you can cross check if you are being catfished or not.

If you are a believer that lady luck will find you a match on the streets then give Huggle a try, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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6. Happn

happn – Local dating app-min

Happn is the dating app for people who want to find love in their locality or city. The way it works is that Happn tracks your movement through your mobile and scout for other people who frequent the locations you do on a daily basis or even on an irregular basis. You and another person might walk past each other on the street, and you will both be notified of each other on the app. If you approve of each other, then you can begin conversing.

The fact that you are matched with people who have crossed your path leads to more of a ‘surprise reveal’ feeling and more exciting and interesting conversations. It also means that if you and the other person start conversing, then you can meet up more easily as it may happen that both you and the other person frequent the same area on a regular basis.

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