Top 10 Best Free Cloud Storage Services On 2018


Best Free Cloud Storage Services And Backup Services Online 2018

In the modern zone, it is one of the most basic requirements of every business and individual to find perfect and low maintenance storage for their data to ensure safety and authentication. Instead of opting for additional hardware storage or some other software which might not ensure you the integrity you are looking for, you could opt for the methods like cloud storage.

Nowadays you are provided with the best cloud storage options that you do not have to rely on the unsafe infrastructures for saving or backing up your most useful data and information. Consideration of low-cost storage method and good bandwidth is much crucial before you opt for the same.

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So, this is the reason that if you are choosing methods of online storage, they must be reliable and worthy enough.

Best Free Cloud Storage And Backup Services Of 2018

Here are the top 10 best free cloud storage services which might be of great help to you:

1. Dropbox:


Dropbox is a veteran cloud storage provider. It will help you providing a storage space of 2 GB in the first, but later you could increase the storage space with the linking various accounts of yours and sharing it as suggestions. You could expand it to almost 16 GB.

You could also opt for dropbox subscriptions for business which will allow you good collaborations on works. Dropbox provides great personal storage accounts for individuals as well. It is a top pick and much of a smart choice when it comes to online storage.


google drive

This is also one of the most used and preferred options for cloud storage, especially for google suite users.

Google drive could be found as a by default integrated cloud storage options for all the android users. It is one of the best free cloud storage services for other users as well. Some sources like present the web interface of this application as not much convenient to use but it is still the quickest and basic option for the users of android or MAC. For a start and the basic, 15 GB of storage on google drive is free.

3. MEGA:

mega cloud storage services

The interface of this cloud storage option is very user-friendly and provides amazing ease of use. This is easy and quick to use as it will provide you with mobile applications which you could use for uploading files and you could even sync your data between devices with low maintenance and efforts required. The company of MEGA has released its source code to the clients who use it to sync their data.

On the basic, MEGA provides you with 50 GB of free space in the start. Mega is having their services available on google play and apple store too. click on the links to access.


one drive logo

It is an ideal deal for you if you are a Microsoft or windows user. You could also find it integrate into windows 10. Its use is very easy and especially for those who have just installed the newest version of the Windows operating system. It will reduce their efforts in finding some more reliable application for the online storage purpose.

Microsoft device users could also use it for syncing the data between devices.

It provides 5 GB of free storage.

5. iCLOUD:

icloud online storage and backup services

This might be the optimum and be default cloud storage option for all the Apple users.

It provides a really good integration system for the platforms of Apple, and the matter of fact is that the pricing is very reasonable which is quite contrary when we talk about Apple.

You can store your files on iCLOUD drive, and it will further help you with syncing your documents as well. Even Windows users can use it to sync their documents.

The free storage is a bit low which is up to 5 GB.

6. Box:

box online storage

The basic benefit of using this option as your main cloud storage is that it will support diverse applications. Also, Box is used for supporting your business plans if you are using it for that particular purpose and that too with advanced security.

Also, it provides you an edge as it is supported by some mainstream applications as well.

The basic storage provided is 10 GB.


nextcloud backup and online storage services

This one is a bit different as it will provide you with options for DIY solutions for your storage requirements. With the help you to download and install cloud storage options in your own time and on your server as it is not an online cloud storage option but rather provides you with diverse such options.

You can also make sure that your information is safe and present on the home network you pinned it at.

This option is free to use and free to install.


spider oak cloud based storage services online

In this online cloud storage provider, you could be sure enough regarding the safety of your information. It makes sure that your data is encrypted before it goes for the syncing process. It is also available for a variety of regular platforms, including MAC and Android and so on.

This is one of the top cloud storage sites which do not provide enough free offering and rather keep it limited.

You will be provided a free 21-day trial pack if you install this cloud storage option.


skydrive cloud stroage

This option will rather provide you with a greater platform for sharing and storing files and will provide the option of syncing all of your network drive files as well.

This cloud storage option involves low danger or risk and provides a good interface for sharing of files too.

It is a very handy option and will provide you with 5 GB of space in the primary usage phase.

Also, it provides you a greater range for sharing your files and so on.


pcloud backup and cloud services online

Usually, the other options for online storage systems provide a limit on the bandwidth and size of the documents, but pCLOUD stands out. It rather lets you sync and stores large media files or documents.

The service of pCLOUD is available for both the platforms, i.e., mobile as well as desktop and there is no limit on the size and space of storage.

You would be allowed to start with 10 GB of storage space which will further be improved to almost 20 GB depending on your suggestions and referring.

These were the top 10 options for best free cloud storage services online which will remove the risk associated with data security or authenticity.