10 Best Free Email Service Providers 2018 [updated]


There are many social networks available now but still, emails are one of the best ways for businesses to communicate with their clients. There are many email service providers but choosing the one that is best for you can take some time to consider as you have to go through all of them. But, we are here to help you in choosing the best email service so that you can save your time and start using emails with whatever the purpose you have. Without further due, let’s find out the top 10 free email service providers:

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Top 10 Best Free E-Mail Service Providers Of 2018

1. Gmail


Gmail is the best free email service and you probably know this. With Gmail, you get 15 GB of inbox storage space and along with that, you can chat with your contacts. When it comes to security and spam filtering, no one can easily beat Gmail. Gmail is integrated with Google drive and that allows you to send the files that have the size of up to 10 GB.

There are three tabs, Primary, Promotion, and Social and all your emails are organized automatically. There is a separate Promotion Tab so the ads cannot show in your Primary inbox. Also, by using the search box, you can easily find your lost emails.

One more feature is there especially for businesses and that’s when you have a website, you can get an email account with your company name after @ sign e.g. yourname@websitename.com etc.

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2. Yahoo Mail!

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It is another one of the best free email websites that offers you inbox storage space of 1TB. It has the features that the spam emails are automatically sent to the Spam Folder. This is one amazing feature that most of the email providers don’t have and that is you can block a sender. Means if you are getting emails from a person and you don’t want to receive any more emails from him, you can easily block him and you will never get any email from the blocked user.

You can find so many ads in Yahoo Mail but that can be ignored easily. When you have deleted an email accidentally and want to recover that, then just open the “Deleted Items” folder and restore it from there.

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3. Outlook

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It was first known as Hotmail. Outlook is also one of the best email providers that offer a clean user interface. As Microsoft Office is integrated with Outlook, you can easily view and edit your files from Outlook. You can get 15 GB of free Storage space with Outlook.

There are many features in outlook that are similar to Gmail like calendar and message filter etc. Attachments are also scanned. And, the spam messages are sent to the Spam Folder automatically.

You can also connect Powerpoint, Facebook and Skype etc. with it.

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4. Zoho Mail

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Zoho Mail is specially designed for small businesses. There are features like a contact manager, calendar, and project reports etc. All are synced so you can easily your business from one email. Zoho Mail is very easy to set up and use.

The best part is that there are no ads. With a free lite plan, you can get free storage of 5 GB.

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5. ProtonMail

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This is also one of the best email sites that are really easy to set up and use. To get started, you only need to provide a username and password. There is no need to enter your personal information. Some features like sync across various devices and mail collection etc. are only available with the paid plan.

But all the emails are well protected in a free plan too as when you send an email it’s got encrypted and when it is received by the person you send to, then it will open.

You can attach multiple files to send and the maximum file size that you can attach is 25 MB.

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6. AOL Mail

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When you need unlimited Storage, then AOL is best for you. You can send an attachment of up to 25 MB. For security, all the emails are encrypted and for those who are looking for the email privacy so that no one other one can read their emails, AOL is best.

There is also a Spam filter and virus scanner in AOL so you don’t need to worry about the files you receive.

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7. Yandex Mail

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It is also one of the free email providers. Yandex is best for those who are looking for unlimited storage. It is one of the most secured emails services as it is protected by “Spamoborona” technology. Other features include SSL and POP/IMAP support. You can attach a file of up to 30 MB to send.

One more thing is that, as most of the email providers need your phone number for registration but Yandex doesn’t need that for registration.

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8. Mail.com

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Mail.com is also one of the most popular email service providers as you can get an email address that suits you best. Means, you can get the emails like name@journalist.com and name@lawyer.com etc. It allows you to send a file of up to 50 MB and offers you unlimited inbox storage.

So, when you are looking for emails like the examples we provide, do use this email service.

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9. Tutanota

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It is also one of those who provide you full security. All the emails have end to end encryption so there is no chance for any other to view your emails.

The attachments that you send or received are also encrypted for full security. Moreover, you can access all your emails from any browser and from any device.

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10. GMX

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This is also a very reliable emails service. It allows you to send an attachment of up to 50 MB and all the emails you send or received are scanned for viruses. Spam emails are automatically filtered. You can get access to your emails from the desktop as well as from your mobile.

It is also one of those free email account providers who offer unlimited storage.

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So, this is free email providers list. Just have a look at the features we have mentioned here and start with the one according to your requirements.