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Best Free Fax Online Services of 2018

As we know, fax is the cellular transmission of material which is scanned, normally to a number or address connected to the printing device. Fax service is a useful one but let us be honest, it is not that much convenient to have a fax machine and operate it manually. Numerous organizations for the matter continue the use of an original fax machine, but modernization has to lead us towards the use of the online services of fax. Sending or receiving free fax online is much simpler and a facile process as compared to the manual method of sending it.

Through this free fax online service, one can receive or send a fax to the mentioned email address of the sender or receiver via the internet. This service costs you pretty much nothing, and that is one of the major benefits of opting this method apart from the considerable convenience it provides to the user.

You can directly enter text or upload a document that you store on your system. Also, you can use a portable or some other scanner for interchanging the paper fax files into a digital document for forwarding it further as a fax through the internet.

These free online fax services provide you a fax number for further forwarding, and the service will allow the conversion of the faxes sent to that number, into a digital document which will be addressed and sent to your email.

List Of Seven Major Free Online Fax Service:

1. FaxZero:

fax zero

You will be able to post fax for free, to any international destination in the world, for instance, Australia or the States and so on. Can choose different types of documents like Word, doc or pdf and so on to enter text to the fax that you wish to send.

You could find the advertisement for this free service on the cover page, and the limitation here is to a maximum of 3 pages per fax and up to 5 free faxes per day. If you need to send a fax of more than three pages, you are allowed to send a fax of up to 25 pages with a spy delivery mode like priority and no advertising over the home page too. The charges for the same would be $1.99.

This service is primarily credited with the BBB (better business bureau)

2. GotFreeFax:


This service does not use any ad on the cover page, so if there is no advertisement on the cover page, it will probably be GotFreeFax. It uses no- ad-free fax cover pages. The benefits of this free online fax service are that it does not add any of its own to your fax pages. These benefits eventually reduce the obstructions and improve the opening and posting of fax pages. You can post faxes online to some diverse locations.

In this service, you are allowed to post at least three pages per fax and a maximum of 2 free faxes each day. If you need to send more than three fax pages, then GotFreeFax allows you a few deals like ten pages for $0.98, 20 pages for $1.98 and 30 pages for $3.98 and so on.

The unique fax pay service also uses sort of a coded connection, and it provides emergency or special delivery.

3. FaxBetter Free:


This service also gives you the access to a toll-free fax number so that you could receive up to 50 fax pages per month along with the messages that come along with every fax received. The only requirement is that you will have to receive at least one fax in a week period to keep the free fax number and the email service in continuation.

FaxBetter Free can store up to 1000 pages on its site so that it would be easy for you to keep them online and open whenever you want. The FaxBetter account begins its price @ $5.59 per month after the free trial period of 30 days gets over.

4. eFaxFree:

efax free

This service and plan give you a free fax number for getting your emails which are eventually sent via your email. All you need is the eFax free software for viewing the docs. Moreover, you will be having a posting limitation of around ten faxes per month.

If your fax receiving needs are not heavy, this is a very useful choice.

To change the area code for your fax number, be able to get more than ten faxes or print and send more faxes than mentioned, you will have to improve your current plan to eFax Plus plan.

5. PamFax:

pam fax

It is free to join service; you are provided three free fax pages if you are new. PamFax would also provide you your very own fax number if you decide to improve it.

PamFax is available for MAC, Windows, IOS, Android devices and so on from the internet.

By upgrading this service, you would be allowed to send multiple faxes and that too just from a single fax.

The best part of this service is that you can also send free fax with Skype- the video chat application.

6. MyFax – available for a free trial:


This fax service supports more types of files as compared to the other regular services. Also, it allows sending faxes to over 40 nations. Also, there are apps available on the mobile phone s as well.

After a certain period, MyFaxhad converted its free account into a free trial service now. So, the free service of this plan is limited to an extent, and afterward, you could go for a paid one which is great too.

7. Send a free fax from MS office:

This is one of the most considerable and noticeable features of the Microsoft office programs that they could also be used for posting free faxes with the aid of networking.

All you are required to bring is a Printer for window faxes or get fax services active on the PC from which you will be posting and getting faxes.

Addressing or using faxes from the Microsoft office is very simple, and it would involve the use of MS office applications which are easy to access. Also, it is free.

This way sending fax online has become a very facile deal for everyone. This is major because the modernization demands modern methods for the regular activities.

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