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Have you been to the situation when someone sends you a PDF attachment, and you are finding hard to add an image in it? You might come across the incidents where you want to add that image in the PDF file, but you can’t do it. It’s not an easy task to find the PDF editors as the most of them are either paid or inefficient. So how would you edit your PDFs?

Don’t worry when there is a will; there is a way as there is a lot of free pdf editor online that would help you to edit the PDFs. Some editors work when you attach them to the browsers. You can directly edit the PDFs through these browser attached pdf editor online. What you have to do is open the website of the online PDF editor and upload the file you want to edit.

You can make the necessary changes such as adding pictures, signatures, erasing, adding text and making other changes. After making these changes, you can save the PDF back to your computer. Though these editors provide you with the editing facility on the go, they aren’t loaded with the full features as the desktop part. Also using these online pdf editor freeware makes your file exposed online, which could have fatal results if your pdf has some confidential information.

It’s always good to have options; sometimes one PDF editor doesn’t provide the features that another PDF editor is providing. So you better have a list of some best free pdf editor so that you can easily edit your PDFs.

Best Free PDF Editor Tools Online 2018

The best choice is the Microsoft Word itself

If you have Microsoft Word 2013 or 2016, then you don’t have to worry about your PDF conversions. You simply have to open the PDF file like you open a Word file and then start editing it.

1. Sejda PDF editor

Sejda PDF editor is available both for desktop and online. It is a pdf editor for windows which has many features available than the online one. Not just the desktop version but the editor also has the online website to edit the PDF. The software edits the PDF without adding the watermark of the same. Softwares, after editing the PDFs add the watermarks everywhere in the file. Sejda PDF editor doesn’t do it. Here are the features of the Sejdapdf Editor:-

  • It can be used to insert the shapes and images in the PDF file
  • Adds up the white spaces to the PDF file, hiding the incorrect words
  • Can remove the pages from the PDF
  • Helpful in inserting the blank pages in the PDFs.
  • It has the signature tools that can be used for the signing of the PDF.
  • Has the feature to add up the hyperlinks in the PDF.
  • Can add the customizable texts according to you.

Here are the Cons of the PDF Editor:-

  • Can’t edit a bigger file like 50 MBs
  • Can’t edit the PDFs more than 200 pages
  • You can only edit 3 PDFs. An hour

2. Inkscape

Inkscape has the features that only paid PDF editors to have. It is a popular PDF editor and is available free of cost. What makes the Inkscape different from the other PDF editors are the features of it. The Inkscape has the following features:-

  • Can be used to edit the text of the PDF
  • The graphics can be manipulated using the software
  • Has image editing tools that can be used to directly edit the images in PDFs on the go.

Cons of the Inkscape

  • The lots of tools that are available for the graphics editing come to be overwhelming.

Inkscape is a potential pdf editor free. If you are not familiar with the editing tools like the Adobe Photoshop, then Inkscape can make you feel that it is advanced for you to use.

3. PDFescape

PDFescape is another potential PDF editor as long as you don’t cross the file size of 10 MB or the stated limit of the 100 pages. It has the following features:-

  • Add and delete PDF pages
  • Can be used to add the images and text in the PDFs.
  • Contains many tools to enhance the PDFs.
  • You can work on the PDFs by the online browser

Cons of the PDFescape

  • Cannot be used to edit the large PDFs
  • Cannot be used to edit the text that already exists

The software can’t be used to edit or change the picture, color or text but the editor can truly be used to add the images, text, color, form fields, etc. You can pick up your format with the tool which comes to be convenient.

You can add comments, rectangles, circles, ovals, arrows, circle marks, insert lines and much more.

4. PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Editor is the best free pdf editor software that can be used to edit the PDFs, but the only fact is that some of its features are not available for free. If you use the free features, you would have to deal with the watermark that comes on every page of the PDF. Still, you can save that file back to your computer. The features of the PDF-XChange are

  • Portable version
  • Can add the QR Code to the PDF
  • You can import a variety of Images and shapes in the PDF files
  • The text in the PDFs is recognized by the OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Cons of the PDF-XChange Editor

  • A license is required for many features to use them

You can upload the PDF from many sources like Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint, URL, other storage device and from the drive of the computer. You can highlight the PDF form fields.

5. SmallPDF Online PDF Editor

If you want to add the images, shapes, texts into your PDF quickly then you can choose SmallPDF Editor. The Editor has the following features:

  • Load PDF from various sources
  • Support shapes
  • Erase the fields
  • Add more text
  • Free of cost


  • Can’t edit existing text
  • 2 PDFs can be edited every hour

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