Best Gaming Headsets 2018 [Updated]


Best Gaming Headsets 2018 for pc, ps4, xbox

Is your family, friends or your partner is getting irritated from those gunshots you’re hurling towards your enemy in the game? Or you just can’t hear what your game partner is commanding you because there is lots of noise around you? Needless to say, you’re missing a lot of action if you’re not using the headset.

But once you try the right one, you’ll wonder about the sound and action you’ve missed before. Gamers want the best in everything, the video quality, action-packed games, smooth audio quality; so why not the best audio quality to enhance the overall experience!?

Here we bring you the best gaming headsets of the year 2018. Take a look and find one matching your choice-

Best Gaming Headsets Of 2018 For PCs, PS4, Xbox and Nintendo

1. Steelseries Arctis Pro + Game DAC

Steelseries Arctis Pro + Game DAC

One of the best picks of this list, a headset that does nearly everything. This is not a wireless headset and is connected via USB. Some of the best features it has are noise cancelling mic, exactly what a gamer needs. For games like Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, this headset is the most suitable pick.

This gaming headset GameDAC is a combo of digital-to-analog conversion which puts less strain on CPU. The only minus point is that its bit more costly.

2. Corsair HS50-Corsair HS50

Corsair HS50-Corsair HS50

It is a best wireless gaming headset but with no USB connection. Affordable price and heavenly audio quality- this best wireless headset is a complete package. The audio sounds natural but you’ll have to avoid the low end boost of headsets.

But its super fluffy and smooth faux-leather rings around gives super comfort that you won’t even notice if it’s there. If you’re looking something affordable and in wireless then Corsair HS50 is your go-to for sure.

3. HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX Cloud Stinger is everything what one needs and is a low price non-wireless gaming headset. This gaming headset is capable with PS4, PC, mobile and Xbox One, sounds cool right! With a robust structure, Super-comfy earplugs and smooth audio controls this one tops when it comes to under-budget best gaming headset.

In case you want to use it on PC, there is a microphone included. This is an ideal choice for using on mobile phones and consoles because of its 3.5mm connection.

4. Razer Thresher Ultimate

Razer Thresher Ultimate

This is one of the costliest headsets in the list but claimed best gaming headset by the users. If you believe in quality and are ready to let your money go, then you can definitely opt for this one. It’s a wireless headset, compatible with PS4, Xbox One and PC. The best part about this headset is its 16-hour long-lasting battery which gives you your sweet time to finish any battle.

Its on-ear controls give you authority over chat audios and game audios to balance it according to your requirement. This one is available on Amazon in case you need to buy one.

5. Turtle Beach Stealth 700

Turtle Beach Stealth 700

Another best wireless headset that has a little high budget. This headset is compatible only with mobile phones and Xbox one and no other gaming consoles. This one has built in Xbox non-wire technology which allows it to sync directly with your Xbox. No transmitters or dongles required.

The audio is of rich quality, full of bass, lots of audio customization options and a clear mic. If this doesn’t excites you than nothing can.

6. Victrix Pro AF ANC

Victrix Pro AF ANC

Victrix Pro AF ANC is not at all your regular gaming headset but the best in this list. However, being the best comes with a high price when we talk about technology and especially game. This best gaming headset gives out of world experience to its competitive gaming users. If you are in crowd, the active noise cancelling will let you play like you are in an empty place without any disturbance at all.

If you’re playing call of duty or Street fighter and want the best experience then this is your pick. The best pc gaming headset is compatible with the switch, mobile phones, Xbox One, PC and PS4. Best of the both world, isn’t it?

7. Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha

Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha

Is this headset wireless? – No. Does this give a great quality of audio? – Definitely yes! The Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha comes from a legacy which delivered best in the last years. The padding is great, the sound quality is definitely bit low but with the great bass quality- you wouldn’t notice or mind the other things at all.

Apart from this, the design is impressive, and the ear cups are comfortable for people who play video games for longer period of times. Also the connectivity is 3.5mm analog and it’s not wireless, remember this again.

8. Logitech G pro

Logitech G pro

No over-the-top design with super comfortable ear cups and with detachable microphone, Logitech is certainly a neck-turner best gaming headset under a budget. The sound is bit more pronounced in the low ends but the overall audio is a delight without any complaints.

Logitech G Pro doesn’t have lots of aesthetics but a simple gaming headset which fulfils the purpose without any bad experience. However, under the same budget there are many headsets available in case this doesn’t fulfil your purpose at all.

Final words

So these were our top picks for best gaming headsets 2018. You can find what you need here in this list and buy them. All of them are available online. These gaming headsets are tested by gamers on games such as Call of duty, Street fighters, PUBG, Battle Royale, Project Cars 2 and etc.

The latest mobile game PUBG is one of the best to check out the use of a microphone and headset and can work as a tiebreaker. Before you make your decision also shed light on the fact that headsets are not only used for video games at home but also at office, music and many different things.

Pick your best gaming headset accordingly and make your experience best while playing your favourite video game without disturbing people around you or most importantly, without being disturbed.

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