Top 10 Best Kodi Live TV Addons for Streaming Live Channels 2018


Best Kodi Live Tv Addons 2018

When it comes to entertainment people highly rely on televisions as it is the best and most cost-effective way of entertainment. But in recent time many people are looking forward to opting other entertainment media like Netflix, Torrents etc in order to watch the live show and enjoy everything without the annoying commercial breaks.

People those who know a little bit about Kodi are very well  aware that you don’t need to pay a single penny to use it and can have access to endless hours of entertainment. In short, say bye-bye to paying a hefty cable services bill.

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Kodi users can simply install the add on and can enjoy watching their favorite TV shows live. When it comes to third-party addons, the reliability is very less. Here is the list of best Live TV addons for Kodi.

Best Kodi Live TV Addons For Streaming Live Channels

1. Selfless

Selfless Kodi Live Tv Addon

This is the highest loved Kodi Live TV add-ons, this add-on allows you to get access to huge collection of live TV channels across the globe that includes USA and UK. You can enjoy watching end number of sports, movies, 24*7 and other shows with the help of this add-ons.

Moreover, the add-ons provide complete access to major premium satellite channels and you can watch all for free of cost.

Selfless Kodi Repository : Here

2. CCloud TV

Ccloud TV Kodi Addon

The community cloud or the Ccloud TV is a community which streams live TV online without paying a single penny. In addition to it, u can watch all the premium channels from USA and UK with the help of ccloud TV add-on on Kodi.

The categorization of content is super easy as they are well organized as per the genre, it also contains a server category where you can see all the up and running servers which can be used to stream live TV.

cCloud TV Kodi Repository : Here

3. Chronos

chronos kodi live tv addons

Chronos has got recent fame and it is also considered as one of the best TV addons Kodi due to high channel listing but it lacks access to most of the premium channels. If you want to enjoy sports, news, movies, cartoons, TV series, Chronos is your one-stop destination. This add-on is easily available from the SkyDarks source.

All you need is to spend a few minutes on the installation and enjoy watching all your favorite channel absolutely for free of cost. If you are a sports enthusiast, Chronos provides you with a special option called “Live Sports”, here you can watch endless live sports via multiple streams

Chronos Kodi Repository : Here

4. TV Tuga Milhano

Milhano Kodi TV Addons

The name is not extremely popular when it comes to the best Kodi addons for live TV but it does considerably a better job. The primary focus on the Portuguese TV channels. But, you will also find a lot of premium English Channel; this add-on has a unique “World TV” option where you can explore a huge number of TV channels across the world.

The TV Tuga Milhano Kodi TV add on can be easily installed from a zip file, you don’t need to visit any external repository.

5. Furious Stream

Furious Stream Kodi Live Tv Addon

This Kodi live TV add on has huge collections of almost all the live TV channels from the USA and UK. Moreover, this add on has 5 lists of live TV channels on its home screen totally free of cost. In addition to it, it contains a special sports option for all the sports lovers.

You may not find r most of the live TV channels on Furious Steams but you can surely enjoy other playable steam and the overall installation takes only a few minutes.

6. Resistance

Resistance Kodi Live TV Addons

It is another popular name when it comes to Kodi live TV addon but it has a huge collection of Spanish channels, it also contains a good amount of English channels. It has a huge library of channels which is perfect for all the entertainment lovers. You need to install the Resistance Add-on from its original repository.

Resistance allows you to enjoy endless collections of live sports, shows, services, music, movies and much more in one place.

7. USTVNow Plus

US TV Now Plus Kodi Live Tv Addons

USTVNow Plus works on subscription that is the users are required to subscribe in order to access the streaming service. After the subscription, you can watch all the channels which are aired on the USA satellites like Fox News, CB, and ESPN etc. The USTVNow Plus is an internet protocol television which is specially designed for the USA expats and military folks.

After the subscription, you get the additional feature to record all the videos. You can still watch 6 channels free on USTVNow Plus if you don’t prefer to subscribe to it.

8. SportsDevil

Sports Devil Kodi Live TV Addon

SportsDevil can be commonly considered as the best Kodi Live TV addons. The collection is tremendous and the users can get access to channels across the world. The add on got its name because it has a huge collection of the sports channel.  SportsDevil is specifically for all the sports lovers. The main screen contains 2 different sections of sports one is Live Sports and another one is Sports TV.

The Live TV has the option of World TV along with it you get an opportunity to explore live TV channels from USA, Germany, Italy, and France etc. SportsDevil is easily available at the Kodi Repository and it is also part of top repositories lie Supremacy, Maverick, etc. Always download the latest version to enjoy the best live sports experience on SportsDevil.


SGTV Kodi Live TV Addons

SGTV is popular across globe because it allows live streaming of USA and UK TV channels. You can watch sports, news, music, movies all in one place. SGTV doesn’t have a huge collection but it has most of the top channels working like Drama, ABC News etc.

SGTV Addon Kodi repository : Here

10. Star Tec

Star Tec Kodi Live TV Addons

Star Tec is a well build up Kodi TV add on which has a huge collection in categories like music, drama, movies, TV series, live TV, live concerts etc. It has almost all the channels working seamlessly. You need to install the Star Tec from Gentec Star-Tec repository.

Star Tec Kodi repository –  Here

This is the list of top best Kodi Live TV addons which provides endless hours of entertainment. These Kodi addons contain stream able links, this list surely will work as a huge money saving option otherwise you will shell out a lot of money to your cable operator. You can watch all your favorite shows across the world using these add-ons and without worrying about the geographic location.


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