6 Best Free PC Optimization Software To Boost Your PC’s Performance


6 Best Free PC Optimization Software To Boost Your PC's Performance-min

The first thing that lights up your eyes when you buy your new desktop or laptop is the minimum amount of time it takes to boot up. It tunes up your window PC and internet speed for few days but after some time the performance alters and your PC crashes.

This is because over time, your system accumulates a lot of temporary, unwanted files and applications which utilize the memory of your system. This slows down your system. You will notice this first with the increase in boot time of your PC and then it might even become less reliable. What you need to do in this situation is pc optimization.

Your system needs some love and cleaning too from time to time so that it can perform optimally. There are a lot of free pc cleaner tools and pc performance tools which can optimize the performance of your system by cleaning and sorting out your registry, removing temporary files, optimizing your battery settings according to your usage, etc.

A lot of these pc performance tools are good at what at they do, while others are not so reliable. We have tested out few of them out there, both free and paid, and we bring to you a list of some of the best free pc optimization softwares or best computer cleaner tools available right now.

Best Free Pc Optimization Softwares 2018/19 – Best Free PC Cleaners

1. AVG PC tuneup

avg pc tuneup-min

AVG PC tune up is one of the best pc optimization softwares out there. AVG originally offered antivirus services but now they’re implementing their expertise to a pc performance tool, and we can say the result is brilliant.

AVG PC tuneup offers a lot of features coupled with a user friendly and smooth interface. You get menus such as Maintenance, Speed Up, Free Up Space, Fix Problems and All Functions. The first four menus will run a certain set of tools or functions for you, while the all functions menu will give you an access to each tool which you select to run one at a time.

AVG PC tune up is for those who are serious about keeping their system’s performance upgraded but don’t really know the nitty gritty of doing so. For real enthusiasts, you have access to startup management, disk management and program management features.

You also have secure delete and undelete (recovery), browser cache and history cleanup and live optimization features for your battery or if you happen to be playing games.

Regarding clean-ups, AVG PC tune up will dive deep into your system and pick up every redundant file and duplicate file it comes across. You will be surprised, at the amount of space you will recover once you run this software on your computer. Once you run it you’re asked for permission to remove files you probably never realised existed in your system.

AVG PC tuneup is available for a free one month trial after which you will have to pay to unlock the features. If you want to keep it after the trial period, we will definitely recommend you to do so as it surely is a bang for your buck.

Download AVG PC Tuneup

2. Piriform CCleaner

piriform ccleaner-min

You would be surprised to know that CCleaner had a major disaster in terms of security and customer relationship back in 2017 when it was discovered that the official version was infected with Floxiftrojan malware. But the development team quickly acknowledged it and patched the official firmware, so the problem was rectified. The same level of response and dedication cannot be said for a lot of other companies who would choose to hide it under the rug.

CCleaner is one of the best free computer cleaner softwares as it has been widely used for over a decade before the mentioned incident and wins the trust of the consumers.

The main reason you would want to use CCleaner is for removing temporary files, cleaning your browser cache, removing unwanted cookies to free some space on your system. For other advanced function, CCleaner does not perform as well as AVG PC tuneup or others on the list.

This is a treat for the beginners, and if you aren’t a very heavy user of your system, it will have a noticeable impact on your system’s performance.

Download Piriform’s Ccleaner

3. IObit Advanced SystemCare

iobit advanced system care pro-min

IObit Advance Systemcareis a free computer optimizer which will not try and scare you off the moment you turn it on.

Just like CCleaner, you can access everything it has to offer straight from the dashboard. You can perform all the basic tasks such as registry cleaning, browser cleaning, correcting errors and defragmenting your hard drive, etc. All of this is available in the free version. If you decide, to pay for the pro version, then you can access additional features such as internet speed boosting, protection for your privacy online, a deeper registry cleaning and most importantly real time optimization for your system.

One gripe we have with IObit Advanced Systemcare is that when you install the software, you get prompted to install additional ‘recommended’ purpose which seems counter intuitive to the purpose of installing a pc optimization software in the first place. But even then, at the basic level, this program does what it offers efficiently and will manage the health of your system well to a large extent.

Download Iobit Advanced System Care

4. CleanMyPC


When it comes to the best, then CleanMyPC is probably the best pc cleaner software or pc optimization software available now.

Here, you get a very decent set of features such as tools to free up space, management of your start up programs, removal/uninstallation of program wrapped in a comfortable easy to use interface. You also get browser extension management, which is important to a lot of people who do not even realise they need such a feature before using  it themselves.

What really stands out for us is the smooth running and interface of this program. Designed by MacPaw, who usually designs program for MacOS, it is no wonder that the interface is so simple and smooth. The ‘Scan’ button will do most of the work for you. All you have to do is review the scanning, once it is done and then click on ‘Clean’. The remainder of the tools is easy to use as well.

The real time optimization features of CleanMyPC are the real stars of the show. You can keep a track of your battery, the space being used by your recycle bin and you can even add new programs for your startup.

The free version only lets you clean up about 500 mb of space while letting you test out the other features. The great thing about this software is that you can use this on earlier versions of Windows, dating all the way back to windows XP.

Download Cleanmypc

5. Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2018

ashampoo winoptimizer-min

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2018 biggest strength is its flexibility, especially considering that it is available for free. One click is all it takes for you to remove redundant files, fix broken registries and remove browser cookies.

The ‘details’ option is what sets apart Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2018 from most of its competitors, especially in the free segment. With it, you can review the details of the scan results one by one. You will a get a full review of what exactly the issue is, why you should remove it and will there be any adverse of doing so. This helps you make good decisions and prevents you from accidentally deleting important system files.

WinOptimizer also gives you access to modules for regular maintenance functions such as defragmentation of your local hard drives and optimization of the startup of your system. Now, we know that most of these tasks can be accomplished within Windows itself, but it is much more convenient to have them in a single place than to move around from one menu to the next.

For all the above reasons, we have WinOptimizer as one of the best free cleaners for pc available right now.

Download Ashampoo Winoptimizer

6. Glary Utilities PRO

glary utilities-min

Glary Utilities has an impressive set of functions to choose from. But you will have to dig a bit deeper to get to know them. Once you do that, it becomes so much easy and smooth to operate your laptop and PC.

The specific tools available here are deeply customized to tackle every situation of your pc optimization concerns. Apart from the regular registry cleaning and startup optimization tools, you get a whole cohort of other tools.

The tools here are really strong and can dive deep into your system’s issues to root it out and remove them. The program is quite regularly updated as well, so you don’t have to worry about using any outdated version. It is compatible with all the versions of windows from windows vista to the later version.  So don’t worry if you are running an old operating system on your PC.

Now, Glary Utilities is a paid version, but the free one offers you a whole lot of functionality as well. The free version offers you ‘Free alternatives’ and will suit your system’s needs very well if you are not a heavy user. We would definitely recommend you to try this one too.

Have you tried any of the software on our list? Let us know what you think about them and if you have any other suggestions share them in the comment section below.

Download Glarysoft Utilities


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