10 Best Smartphones Of 2018 [Updated]


10 Best Smartphones Of 2018 [Updated]

It is quite difficult to pick one from the list of best smartphones of 2018. Below are the best 10 mobile phones of 2018 and an extensive guide for picking the best one which fits your budget as well as fulfils your expectations. This guide would help you to choose a good smartphone which has all the features that you are looking for.

Top 10 Best Smartphones of 2018

  1. OnePlus 6
  2. Samsung Galaxy S9
  3. Huawei P20 Pro
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  5. Apple iPhoneX
  6. LG G7 ThinQ
  7. Google Pixel 2
  8. Huawei Mate 10 Pro
  9. Google Pixel 2 Xl
  10. Apple iPhone 8

There are a number of best smartphones to pick from available in the market as of today. But the biggest question is which one you should choose. You think there is a winner? There is not one single option for everyone and thus it is very important for you to keep in mind that the best of smartphones for you might not be at number one in the list above.

Smartphones come in a number of sizes, shapes and prices. Here we’ve ranked the 10 best smartphones that you can buy.

Your ultimate buying guide for best smartphones in 2018

While selecting a smartphone, it is very important for you to consider a few important things including the build, design and quality, features of the smartphones, ease of usage, value as well as performance to the users.

Any good flagship smartphone today would cost you anything between £600 to £800. It could even cost you more than £1,000 for a few smartphones like iPhone X. On an average you are looking at a phone which costs you anything between £30 to £50 and you may even spend more than this if you like to buy a costly smartphone and a good amount of internet data.

Whether to buy an Android phone or an iPhone

This is the biggest confusion that people face now days i.e. whether to buy an Android phone or an iPhone. With a number of Android smartphones and equal number of iPhone options available in the market today, this confusion is quite obvious to happen. There are multiple smartphone operating systems available today. But only a few of them are worth being discussed i.e. iOS and Android. While Windows smartphones are still into operation, they account for just 1% of the total smartphones sold in a year and thus there is no point discussing about them.

Most of the best phones 2018 today operate on Android and Oreo is their latest version. While the iOS platform has the lowest market share, the developers mostly release their applications on iOS and thus it’s become one of the top app stores that you would find.

In case you are using an iPhone or an Android phone and looking to move to some other type of smartphone, it is quite easy and simple to simply move all your contacts as well as other data from one smartphone to the other. Something not possible to be moved is the paid for apps and thus you need to bear in mind that if you are considering to buy a new smartphone then you would not be able to move the paid for apps to your new smartphone.

Why is it important to buy an unlocked smartphone

An unlocked smartphone is the one which isn’t tied to a specific mobile operator like Airtel or Vodafone. Purchasing an unlocked smartphone generally means purchasing a smartphone outright without any SIM.

A very important point to note here is that an unlocked smartphone is better than the ones which are on contract.

The only exception to this is Apple’s smartphones due to their popularity, the operators often subsidise the price of purchasing an iPhone for locking you into an attractive long term deal.

Generally speaking, if you do not have a budget constraint and if you are able to afford upfront cost of the mobile, it is better to go for that.

More important point is that you would not be locked in with a contract phone. If you wish to buy a new handset anytime, you may purchase the one without getting out of the contract or committing into another for another 2 years.

You just need to ensure that the smartphone you are going to buy is not locked to some particular network so that you are not locked in with it.

The right SIM card

Another important thing that you should consider is the shape as well as the size of the SIM card for your smartphone. You need to ensure that you get a Nano SIM if your smartphone needs a Nano SIM.

All the smartphones that we have listed in the best phones 2018 list accept Nano SIM card.

Just in case if you get a wrong SIM card even then there is nothing to worry about. Each and every mobile network would be more than happy to send you a different sized SIM card. A SIM card often comes in 3 different sizes, you just need to scoop out the size that you require.

But that is only when you are buying a new SIM card and if you are planning to buy a SIM free smartphone or an unlocked smartphone you might be already having one.

The most important thing that you need to ensure is that if you are looking to switch to a 4G network then buy a 4G enabled smartphone as well as SIM card.

The camera

One important feature which helps the smartphones today make it to the 10 best smartphones list is their camera. This is one feature which people look for the first. They want to have a phone which has got an amazing camera so that they can click good pictures anytime, anywhere. That’s why even the smartphone brands are paying a lot of attention to the camera of the smartphones.

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