10 Best Web Browsers 2018 : Secure And More Faster Browser


The Internet is another global network which comprises a variety of web browsers which provide us with information about each and everything. The browsing industry has been expanding day by day due to heavy competition and this has led to the availability of multiple options for all of us. Best web browsers can be assessed very conveniently on your Android devices as well as the desktops. So, the topmost priority for the browsers is to provide you with the highest quality experience in browsing to gain more popularity.

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Another question that can come to the mind of a reader is how does the selection of the best internet browser occur? What are the criteria for ranking these browsers? Well, the answer to this question is very simple. There are several categories on the basis of which ranking are provided such as optimization of the coding, encoding, decoding and manipulation of the array. The ranking is higher if the particular browser achieves the greater score.

Listed Below : Top 10 Best Web Browsers For Safe And Fast Browsing Experience

Let us look at the best internet browsers for personal computer use which are mentioned as following:

1.Google Chrome

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Google chrome is the best web browser in the whole internet world which has been ruling the virtual world for the past few years. It is known for providing the best services to its clients such as providing security, speed to access data, novel standards for web coding, and the soberness. It offers great compatibility with the devices of the users.

The profile management of the Google is amazing due to the presence of multitudinous features such as management of bookmarks, an extension of files, themes availability, and others. Also, it takes care of the privacy of users by keeping the history of browsing, downloading as confidential.

One of the unique features of this browser is the provision of cross-device support. Once you have signed in your details in Google account, you can sync all your saved data to another device without any complication.

Download Here : https://www.google.com/chrome/

2.Mozilla Firefox


It is a web browser that offers amazing flexibility and provides the latest updates regarding the information about anything. It also has a great accessibility as one can use it very easily in a wide range of devices such as Windows, Linux, Android devices, iPhones etc.

The web developer tools are one of the finest features of this browser as it provides a wonderful range of plug-in and extensions. The Firefox has come up with novel user interface accompanied with novel features which might convince people to change their browser.

Download Here : https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/

3.Microsoft Edge

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This is one of the best web browsers for Windows 10 users. It has been observed that maximum users go for Google Chrome but you can surely try this alternative as it has some striking features too.

The new tabs for using other browsers can be created very easily. It offers a greater access to other management tools such as bookmarks, history, lists of downloads etc. It has been reported that the built-in note extensions are another aiding feature which provides user access to make additions of notes, highlighting important things, writing stuff and saving the webpage on the user device.

Download Here : https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/windows/microsoft-edge



It is another fantastic choice for internet browsing as it offers an amazing facility of stopping crypto jacking. Some of the more amazing features of this browser include a screenshot, VPN service, converter to change currency, Whatsapp Web, etc.

The personal news is another amazing feature which helps you in gaining an insight into what all is happening around the world in just one go. It also provides the facility of syncing the information in cross devices. Therefore, it is also one of the best web browsers for Windows.

Download Here : https://www.opera.com/download



Chromium seems identical to the chrome if you look at the features and the appearance. But then chromium can be differentiated by a logo which is blue colored. The chrome as a web browser does not offer the facility of providing updates automatically, the player component is missing etc.

but these features can be accessed by using chromium. The new features are introduced more frequently in chromium as compared to chrome.

Download Here : https://www.chromium.org/getting-involved/download-chromium



It is a very less space-consuming web browser which occupies as less as 38 MB of your phone storage. It works by using the Blink engine, similar to the functioning of Google Chrome. The tab stacking is another important and unique feature which allows you to create multiple stacks for using social media websites and other tabs related to work purposes.

This web browser offers the highest customization facilities such as supplementing the keyboard shortcuts etc.

Download Here : https://vivaldi.com/download/

7.Torch Browser

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If you are a social media freak and most of your task is to share stuff with people through social media websites, then this web browser seems the appropriate choice for you. This web browser comprises of its own developed music application. You will surely get satisfied busing this alternative once you start using it.

It is the best choice for those who are a fan of downloading from torrent. It is a fantastic tool for the online streaming of audios and videos from various websites.

Download Here : https://torchbrowser.com/

8.Maxthon Cloud Browser

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This internet browser is very easily accessible on your personal computer as well as Android devices simultaneously. It is great at synchronization with various devices in one time. It provides an ease for transferring data from your PC to the desktop very easily.

Dragging and dropping image is another striking feature which works really well. This browser works best for those who are travelers and use multiple devices.

Download Here : http://www.maxthon.com/

9.Safari Browser

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It is a very amazing alternative for those who are looking for a change. It provides the facility of using toolbar for customization, searching tabs, reader viewing and so on.

Those who want to share their data with others can easily do it without shutting the browser through AirDrop.

Download Here : https://safari.en.softonic.com/

10.UC Browser

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The UC browser has been developed in China and its PC version seems quite interesting. It has some specific features such as manager for a built-in password, capacity for cloud syncing with cross devices.

It is the fastest browser for Windows available in the internet market.

Download Here : http://www.ucweb.com/


The bottom line is that when you look at the multiple options available in the market, you have to choose the best one as per your own requirements and ease.

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