Top 10 Best Wi-Fi Hacking Apps For Android & iOS


The Internet has become an integral part of our daily life as it helps us to get updated about everything that we don’t know. To get access to the internet, we all use Wi-Fi internet connection in our homes and workplaces. But it is noticed that no device is secure these days as there are some hackers who are always ready to control your devices. Compared to the wired networks, Wi-Fi connections are more insecure as the signal that comes from the Wi-Fi is accessible by everyone. So, to get your device protected, there are plenty of wifi hacker apps are available that can help you to check the security of your Wi-Fi. Listed here is the list of some wifi password hacking apps that will help you to protect your devices. You can install the one of your choice and use it.

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Keep in mind that the apps listed here are only for educational purposes so that you can protect your wifi. So, don’t use these apps for illegal purposes like hacking anyone else’s wifi network.

Here is the list of top 10 Wi-Fi Hacking Apps:

WPA WPS Tester

WPA WPS Tester is the best wifi hacker app. With this app, you can get the password key of any wifi on your device as it performs a lot of algorithms to unlock password for you. This is the best android wifi password cracker app out there. WPA WPS Tester is only available for Android users. So, if you are searching for android wifi password cracker, then this app is best. Just download it from the Google Play Store and get access to any wifi network you want.

— WPA WPS Tester


This is one of the best apps to check the security of your wifi network. This app might be not very popular but it can help you in many things like it helps to analyze the risk factors in a network. For those, who are looking for wifi network penetration and assessment, this app is best.

— zAnti

Wifi Kill

This app helps to kill the network of all other devices that are connected to a wifi network. You can do that by just one click. So, all the unnecessary users cannot access your wifi network. Including this, wifi kill has many more interesting features like showing the name of the network and the traffic used by a device. Just install this app and scan the network. You will find a list of the users using your network. You can tap on the kill button to disconnect them from your network. So, if you really want to crack or hack wi-fi with android, then this app is best.

Wifi Kill


It is another best wifi hack android app that can help you to hack any wifi network. Reaver is made by an individual developer and it works very well. It is very easy to use this app. You can download it from the app store and test it. The main feature of this app is that it can work with other scripts too. It means that to get worked more efficiently, you can use other scripts. Routers that have WPS enabled can be easily accessed by Reaver.

Reaver Android


If you want to check the open UDP ports in a network, firewall, and packets, this app is best for you. Moreover, with this app, you can find the available hosts and services too. Nmap is suitable for rooted and non-rooted devices. The best part is that Nmap is available for PCs too. So you can use this app with any available device.

Nmap Android

Kali Linux Nethunter

It is an open source Android penetration testing app that is made by the developers of Kali Linux. This app requires Kali’s Wifite tool to start the process. With this app, you can do various things like network mapping and network controller.

Kali Linux Nethunter


This app is currently available for rooted Android devices. Netspoof needs some root permissions to perform some actions efficiently. With this app, you can control the internet websites of any device by using their wi-fi network. This app is built to let you know that spoofing any network is very easy. Keep in mind that, if you download this app, does not use it on any corporate networks.


With this app, you can easily learn how to hack wifi password on android. This is the best hacking app and has been awarded by many websites. Aircrack-ng cannot be found in the Google Play Store. If you want to download it, you have to use GitHub. Also, you can download it from XDA-Developer website. To check the security of your wifi network and to protect it, this app is very beneficial.

— Aircrack Ng Github | XDA Developers


WIBR+ is best for those who want to check the security of WPA/WPA2 PSK wifi networks. This app is not available on Google Play Store. But the paid version of this app is available there. You can download this pro version and check the security of your network or any other’s network.



This is another great device for wifi hacking. It is not limited to hacking wifi passwords only; you can do many more things with this app. But before using you have to root your device. Then you need to install Busy Box in your android device. When done you can use this app. With Intercepter-ng, you can analyze the traffic of the network also. One thing also need to be remembered that this app requires some network knowledge to use it. If you don’t have that knowledge, just learn from the Google and get started with this.

Interceptor Ng

This is the list of top 10 android hacker apps. You can download any one of these and check the security of your wifi network. As mentioned above, it is advised to not use these apps for illegal purposes as the reason of listing these apps is jut o educate the people.

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