Top 6 Best Wireless Home Security Cameras 2018


Best Wireless Security Cameras 2018

While talking about home safety, security cameras are the most important part of it. Under the surveillance of multiple eyes aka cameras, you can keep the watch on your house without any problem and can be safe from threats such as break-ins, robbery, murder etc. No matter what the threat is- cameras are always the best option.

While buying these security cameras, there are few things that you should always take care of, such as motion detection, filed of view, Wi-Fi capability, sound, movement, night vision, cost and the resolution.

These are the main and most important aspects to take care of while buying security cameras for your house. But in this list, we bring you the best home security camera. Select the one you find the most suitable and get it installed.

Best Wireless Home Security Cameras 2018

1. Netgear Arlo Q

Arlo Q by NETGEAR - 1080p HD Security Camera

Netgear is a household name when one talks about technical devices. However, its bit costly but the reviews say it’s worth every single penny. With 130 degrees field of view, twenty-five feet of night vision along with 1080p/30fps of video resolution frame rate, this one gives a top-notch quality of a video.

Considered as best wi-fi security camera, Arlo Q gives you the last one week’s security recording free for the lifetime. Also, Netgear’s Arlo Q’s motion detectable sensors are considered as the best amongst all. Cherry in the cake- it has a built-in microphone and speaker.

2. Nest cam indoor

Nest Security Camera

A bit over budget, 130 degrees of field of view, 8 IR LEDs and 25 feet of night vision along with 1920x1080p\30fps of video resolution and frame rate with a built-in microphone and speaker Nest cam indoor is a total package when it comes to best security cameras requirements. Nest cam is considered to be the third generation of the Dropcam and excels in its video quality.

The video is very sharp, the night vision is clear without much noise and the camera can easily be used as an intercom without any trouble. Pay 10$ per month and you’ll get to use its best feature that is of Nest Aware Program which lets you get into its cloud storage.

3. Netatmo welcome

Netatmo welcome

Rated seven on ten on Amazon, this one is also a good choice for best wireless security camera. Netatmo is a strong stand-alone camera with remarkably well facial recognition feature. It learns the face and the name of people of the house extremely well and fast. It also prepares a personalised profile of each member so that it can create a record of people who went in and out of the house.

There are the mobile app and desktop version of both so you can keep the check on any of them. In case, you are wondering about buying them, these are worth the money as this is one of the best wireless security cameras.

4. Canary

Canary All-in-One Home Security

A bit on the high end of the budget, blasting 147 degrees of field view, sixteen feet if night vision, Wi-Fi Ethernet connectivity and a built-in microphone and speaker, Canary is absolutely a catch. The only con is that it has no local storage and that you’ll have to pay a little amount to get data from cloud storage. It has excellent sensors that monitor body heat, air quality as well as humidity.

Has a very loud siren that informs everyone instantly and scares intruders and also works as intercom, a total package, isn’t it!? It can also be operated with wink smart home devices and the mobile app supports it really well makes this a worthy choice for best Wi-Fi security camera.

5. Wyze cam V2

Wyze cam V2

Wyze is totally under the budget and offers the same features and quality as all the costly ones in the market. There are no subscriptions needed or any hidden add-on charges that you’ll have to face later. It can also be used as an intercom and Wyze Cam V2 also records video in HD and SD and also clicks pictures if commanded and save it.

The camera can rotate in any direction as per command. The cons are that it has no facial recognition feature or tracking but to be honest, the features offered are worth if we talk about the cost of Wyze cam making it best wireless camera under the budget. Also, it is compatible with Alexa.

6. Ring Floodlight Cam

Ring Floodlight Cam

The costliest one on this list with infrared night vision, 1080p of video resolution, and this camera has two floodlights that are turned on when the motion is detected. Also, Ring floodlight camera lets you easily watch over your neighbourhood too. Also, for 60 days of video, the price is a lot less as it has no local storage.

The Ring floodlight cam can easily be titled as best wireless security camera because of its feature. Also, the reviews say this camera is worth every penny and is rated nine out of ten on review sites.


Each camera is tested and evaluated on certain aspects such as security camera’s design, its Wi-Fi set up the process, compatibility with a mobile application, video quality, night vision etc. All the cameras in the list above provide one or two different features from each other but are best than the rest in the market.

We have also mentioned which can be a bit costly and can put pressure on your pocket and which will not. But the plus point which works as a tiebreaker is the cloud storage or local storage. Storages are important as they store the recorded data in case something happens. Such as robbery, murder, break-ins or vandalising of property.

A good camera is necessary for home security as it lets you keep a keen watch on your house when you’re out and the house is empty. With the increasing cases of robbery and vandalising especially if the house is left empty or have an old couple living alone, these security cameras provide a relief to the people living in and out of the station as one can keep a watch without stepping inside the danger zone of course.

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