Best Sites To Stay Updated With Current Affairs & General Knowledge


Many times you think that you should update yourself with the basic GK. Its good to stay connected and updated with world affairs. When things are related to the current gk questions with answers, nothing can get more information than that. However, staying updated with the GK is not a cakewalk. Not just you have to know about the basic facts around the world but you also have to update yourself with the daily current affairs. In this fast-paced world, one cannot make time to read the newspapers completely. Also, even if you do that, that wouldn’t be sufficient enough to fuel your worldwide knowledge as there are just the basic few papers.

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The solution for all the problems come down to internet. There are a lot of websites around the world which may help you to find general knowledge questions with answers. Along with that, you would also get to know about the regular current affairs information. So why not equip yourself with such blogs, websites and the newsletters.

GK Newsletters provide great benefits. Its that daily dose of the gk questions and other current affairs related information which can add value to your knowledge. Imagine yourself getting the daily dose of your GK with the morning mail. Just provide the e-mail address to the website you want and stay regularly updated with the facts. So why not start today.

So, here is the list of best General knowledge platforms that you would find for the latest gk questions and other GK related stuff.

1. IQ’s Corner

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IQ corner is something that you should have to fuel up your IQ. The website is stuffed with the information and the knowledge that would add up to your knowledge about the world. Well, what do you get apart from this knowledgeable stuff? general knowledge questions, that’s for sure. You get to see the 5 posts every week and you would enjoy a lot.

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2. Did you know?

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The website is a brilliant source for latest gk questions. The website is full of the stories, interesting facts and much more. So all you need to do is just visit the website, make an account and sign up for the newsletters. This website would give you 12 posts each week. So that’s a whole lot of knowledge for your nerves.

3. Reddit (General Knowledge)

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The general knowledge Reddit is a community which is completely focused on the discussions regarding the GK. These discussions are based entirely on gk quiz and everything else related to it. The entire discussions are on GK and you would be learning a lot. In this way, you would get a whole new world of the general knowledge and use it in your daily life. Can anything get better than discussing GK when you want to learn it?

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4. Jagran Josh

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If you love Jagran and you want to go for something different, then you can go for Jagran Josh. The Josh portal is brilliant when it comes to increasing the knowledge. Moreover, you would also get to know about many facts and things. You would learn the latest updates including current affairs, and general knowledge which will be really helpful in cracking any exams real easy.

Sections including, GK for exams, GK Quiz, GK Lists, including history, geography, economics etc. will help you in achieving more knowledge from single website. Must visit.

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5. Students GK Quiz

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With 5 posts per week, this platform is creating the sensations between the students with their knowledgeable general knowledge questions. What’s more in the box is the GUI of website is simply amazing. It is easier than you can think and you get into sea of the knowledge every day. You can also read the blogs and other information regarding GK on the blog. With the frequent and updated blog posts, you can get updated almost every day. So why not join the website and study required GK everytime.

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6. GKToday

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GK today is the online platform of India which is focused on the GK of India. You get regular posts which introduce you to the current affairs and the GK worldwide. The aim of the platform is to introduce you to the GK of the world. This GK is related to all the major competitive exams. These exams include all the exams which are conducted every year for the officer’s post.

You would get information from every topic so that you may learn more. So start learning through the platform and excel in GK.

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7. Freshers Live

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The basic motive behind the launch of the this website is to give information about jobs in govt and private sectors. But there are sections which will also help educating people delivering the best of general knowledge and current affairs. You will get vast information in month-wise manner which will be really helpful in finding desired information very easy and quickly. This platform having large sets of mock tests sets which will really help you in testing your speed and accuracy.

With this passion for learning, the platform is getting more and more popular. So why not give it a try?

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8. Current General Knowledge Today

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The website would provide you with one post each month and would give you the idea about world’s happening in that single post. You would come to know about the happenings in India and the world. You would come to know about the gk today and much more facts that you didn’t know at all.

This one post introduces to current GK all around the world. The post contains the happenings in the sports, government, civil and other genres. So in no time, you would be updated by the month’s current affairs.

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9. Reserve Bank Of India (Official Site)


With the help of this blog, you would be able to know information about current happenings in the world of Finance. You would be notified with simply everything. India and the world. With the help of the this website, you would be able to stay in touch with the financial happenings including, repo, reverse repo, including various kind of exchange rates etc.

There is a section on the website for Monetary Policy which will help you in grabbing as vast knowledge about finance and banking as you can. So why not connect to the platform for all your Economical related stuff.

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10. Study IQ Option

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With the help of this website, you will be able to know about the world better. The platform is available on various social media including Facebook. Primary aim of this website is to provide knowledge to the Indian youth about current world happenings. Want to include yourself? Then, why not follow the facebook page of the platform.

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