10 Best Free Remote Access Software Tools – 2018


10 Best Free Remote Access Software Tools - 2018

In order to remotely control one computer from another, there is a requirement of Remote desktop software. Remote desktop applications have diverse and varying features. For instance, the process of taking over desktop or desktop software remotely is referred to as remote administration.

It is basically accessing a computer remotely with the help of another computer connected via the internet or any other network. The use of the Remote desktop software is done by a number of businesses and comp. manufacturers for helping the technical troubleshooting issues of their clients. Remote administration and remote implementation are the basic and core uses of remote access software.

The process of free remote access is facile, and the user just needs to install a piece of software on the computer the user needs to connect to or access to. It is called the host. Now, the device which is meant to access the former device remotely can connect to the host and control it. This device is called the client.

The aspect and presentation of the process of remote access software might seem scary, but it is a very just and facile deal.

Best Free Remote Access Software Tools 2018

Here are some of the free remote desktop software which might facilitate you in the process of free remote access:

Remote utilities:

remote utilities

Remote utilities required the pairing of two remote computers together with the help of an “internet ID.” The user can control a sum of 10 PCs with the help of Remote utilities.

On the host side, the user is given an Internet ID which is required by the client to make the connection.

On the client side, the viewer program is used to connect to the agent software or more specifically, the host. It is considered to be great remote access software.


ultra vnc

This one is sort of similar to the working or remote utilities. In UltraVNC, the viewer is used to control the server.

On the host side, the user can install the Ultra VNC server as a system service. This is considered to be the ideal way of making a connection with the client software.

On the client side, in order to make a connection to the Ultra VNC, the user must install and have access to the viewer portion during the setup.

Chrome Remote Desktop:

chrome remote desktop

Chrome remote desktop is quite famous free remote desktop software as it is the extension of Google Chrome, the web browser and has a good and wide reach.

On the host side, the user needs to install chrome remote desktop software and then give the authorization for remote access to the client PC in the form of a created personal PIN.

On the client side, the user has to sign on to the chrome remote desktop using the earlier provided credentials.

Aero admin:

aero admin

This is considered to be the easiest of all programs for free remote access. The settings are almost negligible, and the working process is spontaneous and facile.

On the host side, the user needs to open the portable program and share the ID credentials and IP address.

On the client side, the user needs to go to the portable aero program and enter the IP address and ID credentials provided by the host PC.

Team Viewer:


This one has the most diverse features and provides the ease of use and installation as well. It is one of the best freeware remote access software.

On the host side, making a connection setup for team viewer is extremely easy, and the user can do it on MAC, windows as well as Linux.

On the client side, connecting to the team viewer is easy and provides a number of ways and options to the user.

Detection and connection, both could be done in numerous ways when it comes to Teamviewer.

Windows remote desktop:

windows remote desktop

This one is built into the Windows operating system, and there is no need for further content downloading.

On the host side, the user can simply allow the remote connections via particular windows through a remote tab.

On the client side, the user should just simply open the pre-installed remote desktop control software and enter the IP address of the host PC.

Any desk:


It is to be installed and run like a regular and ordinary program.

On the host side, the user needs to install Anydesk on the PC and just record the Anydesk- address and other alias and credentials after a setup.

On the client side, the user simply requires to run this freeware remote access software Anydesk on the PC and enter the Anydesk – address or alias which were set up in the host PC earlier.

This is a simple and regular process and so is the application.

Remote PC:

remote pc

It is yet another free remote desktop program which as simple as anything when it comes to usage.

On the host side, after installing RemotePC on the PC, you need to fill in the Access ID and key which later would be needed for sharing to making a remote connection.

On the client side, there might be two possible ways of setting up the connection.

The primary option is to access RemotePC and directly enter the access ID and key derived from the host PC.

The second way could be, using RemotePC through IOS and Android app.

RemotePC supports MAC and Windows, both.


This one is suitable for on-demand and instant support.

On the host side, after the user has logged in successfully on the program which is needed access and control, they can add other clients and users by their usernames or email addresses.

On the client side, the user has to simply enter the ID and password of the Host computer in order to successfully connect with it through Screen,

Lite manager:

lite manager

This remote desktop software is similar to Remote utilities to a large extent.

On the host side, there could be numerous ways to make a connection. The user can make a connection through a username, IP address or computer ID.

On the client side, a program called Viewer is to be installed for making the connection to the host. And as per the prior one, this time the user has to enter the computer ID derived from the installation made on the host computer.

These were the major and most used free remote desktop software, and their installation makes the remote connection between PCs much simpler than ever. In fact, their usage is simple too.

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