How Content Marketing will be a Game Changer for eCommerce Industry in 2017 [Infographic]


Above is a content marketing Infographic giving an insight on how content marketing will affect eCommerce industry in 2017. When done right, content marketing will cause a high web influence that will lead to both online and in-store sales and thus act as game changer for the eCommerce industry.

How Content Marketing Will Affect eCommerce Industry in 2017?

eCommerce industry is flourishing in India and the rest of the world. Many businesses have gone completely online, whereas many of the brick and mortar companies are in the process of launching their own eCommerce ventures. With increasing trend of online shopping around the globe, the competition is heating up to grab the attention of the customers. You need more and more content to attract your prospects at different stages of their buying cycles.

To exploit this opportunity, you should have a clear and well-defined strategy for content marketing of your eCommerce venture. Your content strategy should be based on the following factors:

  • Customer personas
  • Highly targeted keywords (based on different products and their features)
  • Niche leadership topics
  • A well planned content calendar
  • A publishing schedule
  • Predetermined distribution channels

You need a killer content marketing strategy for eCommerce organization’s Internet marketing and brand promotion. If done right Content Marketing will be a game changer for eCommerce SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industry in the forthcoming year 2017. eCommerce is exploding at an unprecedented rate but you need to have a proper strategy in place to get ahead of the pack. That is why, it is worth mentioning here that Content Marketing is the New SEO!

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Top eCommerce Trends 2017

In the light of the current eCommerce trends, in 2017, people will be using multiple devices at different stages of their buyer’s journey. The trend of smartphone shopping will grow, whereas according to the latest trends in SEO, shopping through desktops will further go down. With increasing competition in the online space, there will be frequent sales and sales events. In store sales will also be affected by the campaigns on the web.

So, there would be more people focused marketing activity, rather than device focused. To make advertising more effective, you’ll see more relevant ads (maybe based on your previous online activity and interests) rather than irrelevant or random ads. Instant delivery and free delivery is going to be commonplace.

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How will it Impact Your Content Strategy?

You need to create content to mirror the stage of a buyer’s journey, your prospect is in. Similarly, content should be created for different buyer personas. People-focused marketing needs content to be created for specific needs of the people.

Content Marketing Strategy According to Buyer’s Journey

Content marketing strategy should be designed according to different stages in the buyer’s journey. For example, “creating awareness of need” is the first stage of a buyer’s journey and the content type most suitable for the prospects at this stage would be Videos, Infographics, Press Releases or Games, etc.

So, if content marketing is implemented in the right way, it will lead to increased sales and enquiries and will act as a game changer.

Some more tips to turn your content marketing into a game changer in 2017:

Here are some tips based on the hot and latest trends in the field of content marketing:

Use Artificial Intelligence for Content Creation

Industry has started using artificial intelligence for content creation. The beauty of artificial intelligence lies in the fact that it can understand the environment around it and create content using massive amounts of data. The artificial intelligence systems are also designed to learn what your users like. Content can be developed using algorithms that track every bit of information about readers, including their location, demographic information and their social media conversations that are publicly available. These bots can create content that is specific to the interests, moods and socio-economic backgrounds of their readers.

So, you can create multiple versions of an article or a message, whereby you can send relevant and tailored information directly addressing the reader.

More Interactive Visual and Graphical Content

Graphical content gets more eyeballs than the text based content these days, so our content strategy should follow it.

More Emphasis on Mobile Content

Because of increasing penetration and use of smartphones, you should focus your attention towards mobile content. If it looks good, engages the user and can convert, you would certainly end up as a winner.

Use Google’s Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge Graphs is a prominent feature introduced by Google search, in which the brief intro and relevant firsthand information about your company can be found on the first search page itself, including the maps, line of business and features of your business. Use this feature to create visibility of your company.