How to Create Custom Admin Color Schemes in WordPress


Most of our users love the new WordPress admin interface. With the ability to change admin color schemes, the new interface provides a better user experience with different choices. Like other WordPress features, admin color schemes can be customized. In this article, we will show you how to create custom admin color schemes in WordPress.

Video Tutorial


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First thing you need to do is install and activate the Admin Color Schemer plugin. Upon activation, go to Tools » Admin Colors to create your own custom admin color schemes.

Creating your own custom admin color scheme

Simply choose the colors you want to use for the base, icon, highlight and notifications using the color picker. Click the preview button to see how it would look. Once you are satisfied with the color scheme, you need to click on Save and Use to save the color scheme and start using it.

You can also choose colors for other elements in the WordPress admin interface by clicking on the Show Advanced Options link. This will display many other options for you to change and create a detailed custom admin color scheme.

Advanced options for custom admin color schemes

Your custom admin color scheme will be displayed as ‘Custom’ under the User Profile screen. You and other users on your site can switch back and forth among different color schemes. You can also set it as the default color scheme for new users in WordPress.

Custom color scheme among default WordPress admin color schemes

We hope that this article helped you easily create your own custom admin color schemes in WordPress.

Let us know what colors you are using in your color schemes by leaving a comment below.

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