How to watch the Premier League in Vietnam?


To any football fans, it’s the most exciting time of the year as the Premier League is on air! This league is the top English professional football league, attracting billions of football lovers all around the world!

But sadly, this is also the time when lots of tourists get their packs for traveling, which means watching the Premier League seems to be a serious challenge for far-away football lovers, especially those in Vietnam.

Can I watch the Premier League in Vietnam?

We all know that IMG has priced the Premier League copyright very much high, and Vietnam, of course, isn’t excluded from that situation.

It’s common in Vietnam to follow Premier League matches via online sports websites – Source: Truc Tiep Bong Da TheVang TV

With the price confirmed up to  37.5 million USD – which is very expensive, not many broadcasters in Vietnam can purchase the Premier League copyright. It means that you can hardly watch the series easily as when in England, USA or some other countries.

However, it is not a NO to your quest! Through these years, Vietnamese can still watch the Premier League – so do you!

You can still keep track of the football league via a few channels on cable TV, Facebook/ Youtube streaming videos or via Online Sports sites.

Watching Premier League on Vietnamese TV

Yeah, of course, this is the easiest, most traditional and convenient way to watch the league. You can get high-quality matches on your TV screen – with vivid images and clear sounds.

However, as mentioned above, only a few television channels here broadcast the Premier League – and via cable TV only! So, it means to watch the Premier League in Vietnam, and you may need a TV with cable service.

The most popular cable TV here that always broadcast famous football leagues (and other sports series) is K+ TV. This channel has purchased for Premier League copyrights in Vietnam for three seasons from 2016- 2019.

K+ – the most popular cable TV channel that owns the copyright to broadcast the Premier League in Vietnam

Of course, besides the expensive option of purchasing a TV with cable service, you can go to a sports cafe to enjoy the common space for football lovers.

This is much like an ordinary cafe, but with big TV/ slideshow screens for customers to watch football matches. These football cafes are very popular in Vietnam as you can spot them almost everywhere.

This is quite a funny, interesting place summing up pretty much the daily atmosphere & sports spirit of Vietnam, which you may want to experience at least once.

However, this option will not suit those who dislike noisy, crowded space with lots of people. Also, sports cafes sometimes can provide just modest screens, which might be uncomfortable for you to watch (especially when the cafe is filled with guests).

Visit Online Sports sites

This is the most popular way to watch the Premier League or any other football/ sports series in Vietnam. Online Sports websites can provide you with streaming videos in vivid, sharp images and clear sounds.

With almost no ads, this is an excellent choice for those who are super allergic to ads disturbance. The sites even feature news, information about the match, and immediately update game results online also.

Also, streaming videos on online sports websites will not be much slowlier than when you watch on TV. And the best thing is that you can pause and REPLAY the video at any time you want!

However, the biggest problem of online streaming sites is that some of them might be illegal or fake sites. Taking advantage of the search engine optimization, some people can fake their websites on top of Google searching results of online sports sites for their own sakes!

The high price of the Premier League copyright makes it challenging for audiences from many countries to watch the matches

So make sure you have a top list of trustworthy sites to watch Premier League online in Vietnam. Choose them based on their popularity, legal commitments,  video quality, etc.

If you want a suggestion, I highly recommend the website This is the top trustworthy and user-friendly online sports sites to watch the Premier League.

On this site, you can watch live matches or replays with HD quality, and easily turn off ads while watching. Besides match schedules, the website also features an early live link 1.5 hours before the match for you to follow.

Joining Facebook/ Youtube streaming videos

It seems to be the easiest way to watch the Premier League when you’re far away from home and don’t have TVs. This not only saves your money and time but is also very convenient (you can easily keep track of the match almost anywhere).

As the streaming feature on Facebook or Youtube is getting more and more popular, you can find many channels that provide streaming videos of the matches.

Just a Wifi-connected smartphone/ tablet/ laptop, the Premier League is right there for you to watch.

For example tap on the search bar on Facebook, type “Manchester – Liverpool Livestream” and tadaa, there you have a list of streaming videos on this match!

Live streams on Facebook – the super easy way to watch the Premier League online in Vietnam for free

However, as a coin always has 2 sides, this option is not an ideal one. Quantity does not equal quality, I bet almost all of the streaming videos you find on Facebook/ Youtube would have low/ very low quality.

Streaming videos always get lagged – especially when more and more people “rush into” the clip and give reactions.

What is more, you commonly would be watching the match at a pretty much slower speed than others (due to the Internet connection and number of reactions people drop to the streaming), and with frequent disturbance from ads.

The worst disruption may occur is that the video will crash while you were watching. I have experienced this sometimes, and it’s super annoying.

Therefore, from my advice, Facebook or Youtube streamings would be the last option only when you can’t find any other sources to watch!

To sum up…

Don’t let the joy and excitement of watching the Premier League blown away just because of lack of information. You can watch it via online Sports sites, on cable TV or through Facebook live videos, but choose the way carefully!

Still, have questions? Let me know via the comment box below, and I’m always here to answer all of your questions!