Dafont : Best Alternative & Similar Sites To DaFont.com


The typography plays a very important role in the designing process of any applications, be it for the android devices or the desktops or computers. As far as the typography is concerned, we are more interested in finding out the websites that can offer the font styles free of cost and aids in designing of the applications in a completely unique way. The typing errors and especially the misperception of any font due to its size or the meaning may lead to huge blunders.

Therefore, one must know the necessary things to consider before going using the free fonts available in the online world such as the rules and the license allowance. There are multiple sites which allow you to get the commercial license for using fonts in free of cost. Let us look at the other best alternatives to Dafont which are mentioned below:

Top 10 Best Alternative Websites To Dafont.com [Updated]

  1. 1001 Fonts

1001 fonts

Do not get confused with the name of this website. This website, the best alternative for Dafont.com incorporates and offers even more than 9000 fonts. This website offers fonts with higher quality and these can be used for commercial purposes also. The browsing of the fonts can be done according to different criterions such as the font size, the style of the font and those fonts that will be more appropriate as per the design of your projects.

  1. Urban Fonts

urban fonts

It is another wonderful website to find the most beautiful fonts for your projects. This website offers a page in a detailed format for each respective font and the characters of the fonts are available along with the testing tool by the virtue of which you can test the respective font style before getting it downloaded.

The browsing of the different fonts can be done as per your theme requirement and one can also make an account on this website to save some fonts for later purposes also.

  1. Google fonts

google fonts

The Google fonts are one of the pioneer sites that are on the top notch positions while considering the searching websites for free fonts other than Da font.com. It comprises of a massive collection of more than 800 font types ranging from mono-spaced fonts to the handwriting fonts and so on.

A Google font has been a great choice for the web designers whose main purpose is to accomplish font hosting in faster speed and in a more reliable manner. The Google fonts can also be downloaded although this is not much known by people.

  1. Font Squirrel

font squirrel

To download the high-quality fonts, another valid source in comparison to Dafonts.com is Font Squirrel. This website offers several fonts with a commercial license. One can also check for the license availability for different fonts before downloading the particular font. This website also contains certain tools, including Web font Generator which aids in the identification of fonts on the basis of images.

  1. Font Space

font space

The font space is one such website that offers a huge collection of more than 32K fonts developed by more than 2100 Designers. It has great followers and customers who are involved in downloading of fonts for free. In case of those who develop their own personal projects, they can get a lot of help from this website to get free fonts. Also, you may check for license availability while browsing for fonts before you download the font.

If you have a registered account, you can have your own personal collection to get the best-chosen fonts quite easily and can contact the concerned designers in return of money to buy the fonts.

  1. Abstract Fonts

abstract fonts

It is a website that includes the wonderful collection of the fonts with enhanced quality. Most fonts are available free of cost to use for the personal as well as professional purposes. It is recommended to check for the license before getting it downloaded.

The browsing is very much convenient for this website as it offers a system of the fun category where the as per various themes, the fonts can be easily downloaded.

  1. Behance

behance fonts

Behance resembles more of a social media website where the designers can create the portfolios of their best samples and sharing of amazing designs with other people and members of the website.

Designers are allowed to share their content for free including the free fonts also. A massive list of fonts can be available if you go for a quick search on this website which can be downloaded for free of cost.

The unique designs are most conveniently available on Behance as it is lesser used than the fonts available on other sites.

  1. Font Struct


It is a font construction tool which helps in creating fonts according to the geometrical figures. The fonts that are available on this website also offer the unique designs that can be utilized with any application and for any type of work.

The website contains a collection of more than 43,000 fonts that are created by a population of the world. And one of the striking features is that all these fonts can be easily downloaded for free of cost.

  1. Font Spring


It is a marketplace of different fonts that are available in premium version. The fonts can be downloaded for free where the person can select the appropriate fonts for their personal and commercial projects. The licenses should be checked for each font page that is available in the detailed format on Font Spring.

  1. Open font library

font library

This is a database of fonts that are available for free and provides fonts of enhanced quality so as to develop and create different fonts in the much easier way. The free license system is another striking feature which makes this website more appealing. You can easily share and download the fonts in completely free of cost.


The bottom line is that there are multiple alternatives available for Dafonts website and you can get the free fonts for use in designing purposes for various commercial and personal projects. Hence, you may choose any one of the above-mentioned alternatives for downloading the fonts in free of cost.