Best Apps To Hack Free In App Purchases Android No Root


There are millions of apps available in the play store to play music, play games, online shopping, and many other categories. Every app makes your life simple and easier. However, not all of the apps are available for free. Some of the apps have both paid and free versions available. The free versions of those apps always have some limitations. Many of the apps have the option of Free in-app purchases.

Best Apps To Hack Free In App Purchases Android No Root-min

In-app purchases are the advanced feature or levels that you can unlock by purchasing them for real money. Some of the common examples of in-app purchases are commercial removing, trial interval to lifetime improvement, developer’s emblem removing from the end result, digital forex that can be utilized for purchases, a key that unlocks extra options of the existing app, a sword that provides you with extra energy in a game and many more.

This article is just there for information purposes as it is illegal to hack the in-app purchases because an app developer put a lot of thought, efforts and time to develop an app. Here is a compilation of top apps that enables you to get in-app purchases free of cost on your Android device.



CreeHack is an app that has every element required for android games hack. No root access is necessary in order to use CreeHack. Any android app can be hacked without rooting your device. If you want to use apps that are paid, you can download and access them for free.

CreeHack allows you to download paid android games and access them for free by hacking them without rooting the android devices. You can increase the amount of money, jewels and coins using CreeHack.

The only limitation of using the CreeHack app is the different survey pages that appear on your Android device. You need to fill out these surveys in order to continue using the services. It is a bit annoying and tiresome process but only before you can play the paid versions of the games without paying any money.

After you download the CreeHack app, you need to tap the “Enable” option as it will need your permission to run in the background while you are playing games. Next thing you need to do is tap “Pay” to continue using the app. CreeHack is able to bypass the app payment gateways.

Download Creehack Here

AppSara v1.0


AppSara app is used to access the paid android games for free. It lets you use the free in-app purchases without rooting your Android device. AppSara supports more than 50+ games for hacking the in-app purchases. The updated list of currently supported games is mentioned in the app Sara app link.

However, if your desired game is not available in the list, then you have to root your device first in order to access the app for free. You can also get a clue if the app asks you to enter your credit card number, this says that the app doesn’t s this tool.

AppSara does not support a wide range of apps and games like other apps mentioned in this list. Appsara is one of the apps among the no rooting in-app purchase hack for android applications that can be used to hack various gaming apps that are paid and turn them into free.

After downloading the AppSara app, tap “Enable.” Go to the purchase page and tap the “Purchase” option. Your payment will be successful after using this.


Lucky Patcher-min

Lucky Patcher is an app developed by Develop Chelpus. Lucky Patcher is an outstanding software for Android that lets you take away the advertisements, break the license affirmation of different apps in android market. Lucky Patcher is not available to download on Google play store, but you can get the APK file version on the internet and install it on your android device.

Any of your favorite games can be hacked, and the free in-app purchases can be accessed. Lucky Patcher analyses your different apps and suggests you perform some specific actions on them such as unlock paid apps, change permission, create backups, remove license verification, delete excessive ads and so forth. It generally works by triggering the sensitive points of an app like the unstable system, restarting the loop and so on.

Lucky Patcher lets you remove the Google ads that are quite disturbing, annoying and irritating. You may or may not need to root your device while using Lucky Patcher.

Lucky Patcher app lets you hack the in-app purchases without the need to root your android device. Lucky Patcher is popular for not containing any virus, it allows the modification of android app memory, and it features an intuitive interface. This also helps you to download the paid apps from Google play store and install them for free on your device. You can do this by removing the license from any android applications and games.

The only limitation of Lucky Patcher is that it cannot hack an online game. In order to hack an online game, one needs to hack the online game server which is really hard and next to impossible.

Download Lucky Patcher here

Leo PlayCard


Leo PlayCard is a perfect alternative to apps like Creehack, Freedom and Lucky Patcher. Leo PlayCard works on many apps like Pinball HD, Fool and many more. You are easily able to surpass the app payment section of any app. Leo PlayCard doesn’t work with online games and apps.

There is also a risk of getting suspended and banned from using the games in some cases. Leo PlayCard comes with an in-built play card which is also free and can be used in Google play store to buy the paid android apps and games. Leo PlayCard is able to hack the in-app payments without needing to root the device, and it enables you to surpass the app payment pages. There is no limited amount of apps that be hacked using this Leo PlayCard app.

To use the Leo PlayCard app, you need to open it and tap “Enable.” After enabling, open the app where you want to hack the in-app purchases. Tap on “Purchase” option and tap on the popup saying “buy to hack in-app purchase.” Leo PlayCard works as an alternative to the Lucky Patcher except for a few differences. One of the significant difference is that Leo PlayCard doesn’t involve rooting your device. You can play many games like fool and pinball.

Download Leo Playcard Here

TG Hack

tg hack-min

TG Hack is another tool for hacking the in-app purchase for android apps. You can easily get through the different levels of a game without doing anything. TG Hack also enables you to get unlimited access to gems, gold, coins, and another element. The advantage of using TG Hack tool is that it requires no rooting to support you with the cheating thing.

TG Hack is one of the latest applications for the android device for hacking the in-app purchases. It is gaining popularity as it has been around for quite some time now. TG Hack has a simple interface, and it merges well with any of the games for which you wish to hack the in-app purchases. TG Hack works similarly to that of AppSara and Leo PlayCard.

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