John Chow’s Favorite WordPress Plugins (Interview) Affiliate Summit West 2011


If you are blogging and monetizing it, then you probably know who John Chow is. He is a friend of mine, and a very famous blogger who is famous for going from 0 – $40,000 / month in a year. John is a very cool guy, and he is extremely nice. But under that niceness, there is a mastermind brain who knows the skills of monetizing. He uses WordPress for his blog, so I decided to grab a quick interview of his plugin picks, some of his favorite blogs he read, etc.

Syed and John Chow

John Chow’s Favorite WordPress Plugins

  1. All in One SEO (User’s Guide for All in One SEO for the Recommended Settings and tips.)
  2. Google XML Sitemap Generator
  3. OIO Publisher (Our Review of the Plugin)
  4. W3 Total Cache (See: How to Install W3 Total Cache)
  5. AskApache Password Protect (Anti-Spam / Anti-Exploit)
  6. FD FeedBurner Plugin (Redirects your Normal feed)
  7. Login Lockdown
  8. MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate
  9. MaxBlogPress Strip Ads
  10. Show Top Commentors

John’s Favorite Theme Framework


John’s Favorite Blogs

Blogging Tips

Top WordPress Affiliate Products that he promote

These are the plugin and themes that his audience really like.

OIO Publisher
Ninja Affiliate (MaxBlogPress)
DIY Themes Thesis

John is using Mobify to power his mobile version of his site. While that is a great option, we recommend beginners to use WP Touch Pro.

Thanks to the Sponsors

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