Mangastream – Best Manga Stream Alternatives & Similar Websites 2018


Everyone likes to watch anime and manga. While there are people who love manga than anime, the world is turning towards online manga. There are a lot of platforms online where you can watch online manga but mangastream is something really great. It lets you watch your favorite anime for free. No matter if it is Shokugeki or one piece, the platform allows you to watch everything in HD.

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However, manga stream provides you with these platforms, where you can watch your manga but the website also has some flaws that are not easily recoverable. Now, the only option that you have is to try out the alternatives. Here we have provided you with the list of the alternatives that we have provided you over mangastream. So try out all these to get a beautiful manga streaming experience.

Listed Below Is Best Alternatives To Manga Stream – Read Manga Online

1. Manga Panda

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As the name says, the manga panda is a free online platform for all those manga lovers. Not only you can see these videos for the unlimited amount of time but also there are unlimited videos. The website is full of the manga categories.

All you have to do is just go on the website and select your episode. There is a search box which will guide you all the way through the destination videos. Also, everything on the website is present in the dubbed version. Don’t think that you would have to learn Japanese to see all that manga.

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2. Manga Fox

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Manga fox is another great alternative to the manga websites when it comes to the online manga streaming. The website features everything that a manga lover would love to see. From the online play to the suggestions, the website has everything. Even if you want to download it.

You can do it all for free. What’s more in the box is that the website is completely free of cost. You don’t have to worry about paying for what you are watching. You can do everything for just free. Moreover, the website has all the content in HD. So all you have to do is get to the right video and simply play it.

There is a search box on which you can search the manga that you would like to see. Talking about the stream speed then the stream speed of the manga fox is brilliant. The website allows its viewers to have the unlimited bandwidth.

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3. VIZ Manga

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VIZ manga is another great platform when it comes to seeing the manga online. No matter whatever the category is, VIZ manga is always ready to show you up the best content available online. All you have to do is just search for the query and then have an amazing experience. You won’t have to go anywhere or redirect to any of the links to see the anime.

The website itself has it all. The website features an online player with lots of features. It includes the full screen, lock, and other options. Also, you can switch from various qualities. If you would select high quality and your internet is not up to that mark, the player would automatically adjust the best quality suitable as per your internet connection.

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4. Mangafreak


This website lets you view manga free of cost and that too without any registrations. All you have to is just log on to website and scroll through the amazing manga genres. The website has a huge variety of manga. Be it naruto or dragon ball Z. You would get whatever you ask for.

You can download these videos with the help of the external agents like 3rd party downloaders. Moreover, the website is well equipped with different kind of features and tools that you can use to enhance your manga experience.

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5. Kissmanga


One of the most popular manga hub, kissanime has everything that you would love to search for. From the old classics to the new anime kissmanga has it all. Moreover, the website has a brilliant GUI. You wouldn’t have to search much for all your favorite episodes.

The stream speed of the website is brilliant, you can stream at a great quality and speed as per your wish. All you have to do is to get the internet connection as per your need. Also, there is no limit on the watching. The website provides you with unlimited bandwidth.

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  1. Mangatown

Mangatown is another platform if you are looking for the great manga. The website is a great alternative to the mangareader because of the number of reasons. Apart from the fact that you can stream everything for free, the website provides you with an online player where you can stream all your TV shows for free.

Don’t you worry about the downloading stuff as the website is well equipped with such features? You can enjoy your manga offline by simply downloading the episodes you like. Mangatown features full episodes of the shows so that you can enjoy them flawlessly.


  1. Manga Rock

Another application for all the manga fans out there. A tough competition to the managstream, Manga rock provides you with the HD quality anime at no cost. You can stream through all of this manga at a great stream speed. All you require is a great internet connection.

There are multiple options in the inbuilt media player where you can add the subtitles, adjust it according to the size of your device and much more. So what are you waiting for? Go to the application and stream for all of your favorite manga for free.

  1. Naruto Base

Probably this website has been created by a Naruto fan. You can expect that from the name. Well, apart from the Naruto, the website has a number of things into it. You can search for all the manga right onto the platform alike mangstream.

The search box of the website is powered by a search engine which will get you the right results when you search for the manga.

The GUI of the website is brilliant which will make you fall in love with the website because of the ease of access.


  1. Manga Browser

Good news for all those with android phones who love manga. Forget about the mangasteam and switch to the Manga Browser if you want to read the comics, watch the TV shows and do everything else related to manga.

The platform is available in the form of the application for the Android devices. Apart from this, the application updates itself regularly with the new episodes, shows and much more. So why stick to the websites when you are getting so much into the application itself.

Don’t forget about the huge number of the genres that the application offers.

  1. Naruto Manga Online

The best combination is the manga and the comic books. So does this platform. Naruto manga online is a website where you can visit to read about various manga series.

The website features Naruto, one piece and various other manga which you can read to satisfy yourself. Not just this, you can also download these manga comics. The website has all the features which let you download these manga.

With a  huge number of manga characters, the website is a treasure for the manga series. It is not entirely focused just on the manga but it also features the watch anime option.