Mobile Marketing – The 97% Response Rate Channel (Affiliate Summit West 2011)


One of an interesting session I attended yesterday at Affiliate Summit West 2011 was called “Mobile Marketing – The 97% Response Rate Channel”. The speakers there were using Mobile marketing in a very smart way, and I will share some of the tips I learned from them that can be applied to blogs. We will certainly be improving our mobile site as well.

They started out with some quick facts. 1 in 9 people online have a Facebook account. 2 Billion people use a laptop around the world. 6 billion people use a cell phone around the world. This market is increasing faster than any of us can imagine, and everyone of us need to capitalize. Heck, I was doing all the tweeting, surfing the web from my Droid X and sometimes iPad (both mobile devices).

This session was full with case studies that the speakers showed about their own campaigns. They had a very interesting way to generate leads by simply adding a phone number in their videos and facebook ads asking people to call or text if they have any issue. Upon calling, you would receive a recorded message that asks you to say your name and email. Similar with the text message. Almost instantly after, they send you a text message asking you to check your email for some awesome goodies. It was really freaking cool to see what they were doing.

The most important lesson that everyone should get out of this session was the “4 C’s rule to Marketing”.


Every time when you follow this model in your campaign, you are bound to find some success. And when you do it for Mobile Marketing, you are definitely going to find success. I mean think about it. Everyone uses their phone to get on internet (at least the new generation does) <= The generation that you should be targeting. When I get an email, I mostly check it from my cell phone, and often when it has links, I end up visiting the site from the mobile browser as well. Sometimes it sucks when the site doesn’t even have a Mobile friendly version available. If you are using WordPress, we recommend that you get WP Touch Pro (Making Your WordPress Mobile Friendly with WP Touch Pro Guide)

You can customize the plugin by adding your own ads, and much more. This is an industry that I have yet not experienced thoroughly. But one of my New Year’s Resolution is to take a dive in and try to leverage our mobile audience.

This session was a great one, and really it can’t be described in words specially the case studies. All I can say is that if you don’t have a mobile version of your site, then GET IT NOW. Because you are inconveniencing your user and that is not something that you want to do.

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