Newsy – A Sleek News Theme That Lets You Make Money


Our friends over at Themify has notified us of the launch of their very sleek News Theme Newsy. We had the pleasure of reviewing this theme and thoroughly test driving it on our test server to play around with all the features it comes with. This is a 3-column news theme that allows for various advertising display options. It comes with 11 different site layout options and 4 different post/page layouts giving you plenty of options to play with. There are 10 different color variation skins, so you can get the colors you. This is their first theme that includes Custom CSS3 Fonts which utilizes the Google Font Library to give your site a fresh look over the traditional web safe fonts.

Full list of Features

  • 11 layout options
  • 2 sidebars
  • Header slider
  • Footer slider
  • Custom Google CSS3 font
  • Integrated lightbox gallery
  • Header widget to add social media buttons and banner ad
  • 10 theme skins
  • Choose up to 4 footer widget columns
  • Threaded comments
  • Custom menu builder
  • Multiple-level dropdown menus
  • Custom footer text
  • Child theme support

Below are some of the feature highlights that we thought deserves an extra attention.

11 Site Layout Options

Newsy - Site Layout Options

This theme offers 11 different layout options. You can customize it to display posts from specific categories in various columns or list layouts with either 2 sidebars, 1 sidebar, or no sidebar at all. Check out the demo for some layout examples.

4 Single Post / Page Layouts

Newsy - Post Layout Options

Each post/page has 4 layout options in the single view for you to pick from: 2 sidebars, 1 sidebar, fullwidth, and display content only. This can be very handy if you want to have specific style landing pages in your theme.

Room for Advertisement

Newsy - Advertisement Room

Newsy was built with content & ad’s in mind, so your blog could look good while still be able to make you some cash on the side. Some spots for ad space are:

horizontal banner in the header (468 x 60px)
big rectangle banner on the wide sidebar (300 x 250px)
skyscapper on the narrow sidebar (120 x 600px)

Integrated Lightbox Gallery

Newsy - Integrated Lightbox Gallery

The Lightbox gallery plugin is integrated into the Newsy theme (no extra work neccessary to showcase a photo gallery). This is the similar integration that we mentioned in their Wumblr Theme.

10 different color skins

Newsy - Color Skins

This theme comes with 10 different color skins. And if you don’t like the preset skins, you can easily customize the overall design of the theme with the framework Styling tab.

Footers are Widget Ready

Newsy - Footer Widgets

Footers can be used to display content that is important for some users. Newsy allows you the option to display up to 4 widget columns in the footer. This way you can have a useful footer rather than the pointless one on most sites.

Newsy is listed for $39 but if you use the coupon code “newsy”, then you will get a 30% discount on this theme. The coupon is good until Feb 11, 2011.