Now Check How Much Crowded is Any Store in Real Time with Google’s New “Crowd Control” Feature


Just before the holiday season, Google has come up with a new additional feature as “Crowd Control” on Google Maps. Now, you can have a real-time look at the locations that you are planning to visit. This can prove to be one of the best practices of Google Maps Search Engine Optimization.

Now, enjoy ‘Crowd Control’ facility in Google Maps not only to satisfy your taste buds in your local restaurants, but also in Grocery store, Pharmacy shop, Supermarket, Coffee shop, Automobile servicing centre, and many others.

Google has always been and will be there to navigate the seasonal stress. That’s the reason, last year Google added the “Popular Times” feature on Google Search and Maps. This has enabled us to check how busy a place is at different times in a week. But this time, they are adding a new feature that will instantly tell you how busy a place is right now.

How Crowd Control feature is Beneficial for You?

This will have a positive impact in three different ways.

1. This will lead to Crowd Controlling in Google Maps. You will be able to check the real-time crowd of any place. So, you will be able to decide where and when to go accordingly.

2. It will prove to be the best option for Time Management. You can get a prior information about how long people are spending time at a particular location. So, it will help you to plan our entire day as per that checking details.

3. It will be beneficial in terms of department and service hours. Different stores and restaurants choose to offer their services at different hours. Now, you can check those timings and access their services at the right time.

Therefore, this added feature will drive Google Maps SEO Search algorithms on a positive note, as it is going to solve numerous problems and ease your life. Some of those instances are:

  • You will be able to pop your grocery, pharmacy shop or supermarket at the very moment when it opens. During an emergency, you will be totally aware which store is available to provide you the drug.
  • You can actually check the exact time when the food delivery starts in a local restaurant.
  • You can get your car servicing done on time to avoid any kind of accidents.
  • You can enjoy every sip of your coffee and then head towards the restaurant for dinner as per the availability of seats.
  • In addition to it, you can also pick your gifts even at the last moment from a suitable shop, which is less crowded.

Hence, this newly added feature “Crowd Control” in Google Search and Maps will be majorly beneficial for:

  • Coffee Shops and Restaurants
  • Grocery stores, Pharmacy shops and Supermarket
  • Estimated delivery time from a local restaurant
  • Automobile service centres
  • Drug store queues and its timings

Google has confirmed that all these facilities are now available on Google Search and Google Maps and it is just a tap away from you.

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