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If you are looking for software that can let you watch the media on your computer to your mobile or any other device, then the most famous Software you will find in this category is Plex. It is great software that let you watch all the videos, photos, and other media on your phone. Plex Media Server can be installed on all latest computer operating systems. Plex TV app can be used on all Android, iOS and Windows mobiles as well as tablets. Along with these, the Plex server can also be used on smart TVs and Streaming devices like Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. From the website, you can download Plex.


When Plex server downloaded, you need to download the app. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and from the Apple App Store. You can connect your account on both platforms. For that, you can visit the URL There you will be asked to enter the 4 digit code that is displaying on your app. When you enter, your account will be linked. To get access to premium features, you need to get the Plex Pass.

In case you are having issues with the Plex, you can use the Plex alternatives. There are many types of software available that are similar to Plex. Find below the top 10 Plex alternatives.

List Of Top 10 Alternatives & Similar Sites to Plex



This is one of the most famous Plex alternatives. You can watch all your media files that are on your computer from your mobile or any other device that supports Serviio. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating system.

You can download and use it easily. You can buy the pro version of Serviio for $25.

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This is one of the best alternatives to Plex. With the help of this, you can watch all your favorite videos and photos from any device. This process becomes hassle-free when you use this app to do so. The emby app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android device and from the Apple App Store for the iOS devices.

Emby Server can be downloaded from the emby’s official website. You can choose the operating system of your computer before starting the download.

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Imediashare let you share the media from your phone to your TV. All this can be done with a single tap. Just find the device near you and tap on that to connect your phone to it. Also with this app, you can control the volume and can switch the videos with touchscreen gestures.

The app is available on Google Play Store and on Apple Store. You can download according to the operating system of your mobile.

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This is excellent software that lets you play audios and videos to the media players that are connected by a certain network. This software works as a server for the media players that are UPnP compatible.

Such media players include NETGAR Wireless Digital Music Player, Philips Streaming SL300i, Omnifi DMS1 and Roku Sound Bridge Network Music Player M1000. Kodi can be downloaded from their website.

Check Kodi Live TV Addons

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This is a web-based media library that has jukebox functionality. It is also a type of media streamer. This is built in Java and because of that, it can be used on various platforms like Windows, Linux, and MacOS etc. Madsonic is able to resample the bitrate of the music streams to a suitable bitrate.

It allows you to share the videos and pictures with your friends easily. You can download this media streamer from their official website.

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This is another best Plex alternative that lets you stream videos. You can use any famous device to share the content. This software also lets you organize the media and folders so that you can find them easily. Also, the formats of the files can be converted automatically with this app.

Also, you can block files and folders that you don’t want to share on other devices. The processing of the app is quite fast. This is paid software. You can get a 14-days free trial.

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This is a premium alternative to Plex. You need to pay $4.99 monthly to use this app. The file sharing feature of this app is very secure. You can easily share and watch your media from your computer to your mobile or any other device like Smart TVs.

You can download this software from the Younity website. Other than the media, you can check all your documents and other files with this app.

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It is another server that lets you watch your computer’s content on your mobile. You can easily share your media with all the connected devices. This is a paid server that can be purchased for $19.95 for a lifetime.

Before buying this server you can get the 30-day trial to check how it works for you. You can download Twonky server from their website. It works well on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

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This is also a paid media server that lets you watch the media of your computer to any device that has internet. You can get the free trial of this server for 14 days. This server is able to provide you the videos in high quality.

You can buy this for $65. To start using this device you need a computer, a router and a DLNA enabled device.

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This is also one of the best alternatives to Plex. With this server, you can easily watch all your personal data. All the videos, music and photos can be accessed from any device that supports Tversity. The pro license of this server can be bought for $24.99. Tversity also has Screen Mirror feature. This server is also available for free but the features in the free version are not that great.

So, these are all the Plex alternatives. You can use any of these to watch your computer media from mobile or any other device.

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