Popcorntime – Best Popcorn Time Alternatives & Similar Sites 2018


Popcorn time is an online website that allows the users to enjoy online streaming of videos, movies, TV shows, and all the other entertainment sources. It was supposed to be one of the favorites of the users and the customers used to love using this software but unfortunately, some rumors led to its negative image and hence, it stopped working. Surely, it was a wonderful source for those who are entertainment freaks. Also, all of us require some leisure time and would love to watch certain movies after a certain time. Movies are something which will always be liked by people no matter what.

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So, here we have come up with some of the best Popcorntime alternatives which you can use to download the movies for free of cost and also, you may get the websites for watching your favorite TV shows. You may also use chrome for the same. Let us look at the top 10 alternatives for Popcorn time website which are mentioned below:

Top 10 Alternatives and Similar Sites To Popcorn Time

1. Duckie TV

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It is a wonderful website that manages to get the top position and the best alternative for popcorn time website. It aids in the tracking and downloading TV shows. You may keep a track of what all you see by using this website. It helps in reviving your charm being an entertainment addict. You can easily download it by using your device in an automatic fashion. It can be downloaded in almost any device including Android, Chrome, OS X, Tablet etc. It is absolutely free and provides the subtitles in almost 15 languages.

Visit URL : http://schizoduckie.github.io/DuckieTV/?from=duckie.tv&/

2. ROX Player

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ROX player is also one of the amazing alternatives for apps like popcorn movies and one of its striking features is that it allows any type of media file such as DHT, P2P protocols etc. also, it can only be run in Windows type platform. Any videos ranging from classic to current can be watched. Although it is a paid website unlike popcorntime, therefore, if you want to watch anything, then you need to purchase it first.

Visit URL : http://roxplayer.com/

3. Couch Potato

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One of the best striking features of this website is that it allows you to watch videos in HD quality. This application can be downloaded free of cost to watch unlimited online videos, TV shows and movies. It is also an open source platform by the virtue of which you may use this particular application anywhere and in any sort of device be it Windows, Linux, MAC etc. Also, it provides the facility of subtitles and also, you can create a playlist for yourself. But the online streaming using this particular application is not free of cost rather you have to pay $7.95 on a monthly basis. Also, a bonus demonstration of 2 weeks is given to the customers.

Visit URL : https://couchpota.to/

4. Showbox


It is also a good alternative for popcorn time download in order to watch movies and other television shows for free of cost on your device. You may also choose the video quality from a range available and subtitles are also available on the basis of your performance and other requirements. This particular application is quite easy to handle, featured fully and has a huge library of videos.

Visit URL : https://showbox.com/

5. Stremio


It is one of the collective options available for the collection of videos which allows you to search for your favorite ones, organize as per your requirements and you may watch the variety of content on any type of device that you have. Also, using this particular website, you can look for wonderful movies, shows and web series from the pop-up advertisements of YouTube and other media options. All you have to do is that install the stremio application in your device and register or log in your details into the stremio account to watch your favorite movies online.

Visit URL : https://www.stremio.com/

6. Hulu


One of the other favorite options other than porpcorntime.io is Hulu. It supports both the devices, be it android or iOS or the desktop interfaces such as Windows, MAC, and others. It has a wonderful collection of TV shows, movies, and web series. The novel video content is updated on a regular basis on this particular website therefore making it more likeable. But this attractive website can only be used if you purchase it after free trial.

Visit URL : https://www.hulu.com/channels/

7. Plainview

It is a great alternative for popcorn time down especially for the android users. It helps you in watching movies, TV shows and other videos that you may download and watch later on an offline mode. The resolution of videos is available in 720p or 1080p. It helps in classification of videos in different categories such as updates of news, variety of genres and other relevant categories. There is an option of quick search bar which you can use to save time. It offers the option to watch movies in different languages so as to watch movies in your own preferred language.

8. Crackle


This particular application is widely used as an alternative for popcorn time APK which offers the option of saving content and watches it on offline mode as well. It is widely used across the world doesn’t mean that it is allowed to watch the video content illegally rather one may use a VPN service to avail the facility of watching content as per your choice without getting in trouble.

Visit URL : https://www.sonycrackle.com/

9. MovieHD


It is a very organized application that contains a user friendly interface and you may find your desirable content by looking forward to different genres. 3D movies are also available to watch in both the Android and iOS versions. With this app you can download the movies for free and can also save them to view later. The app enables you to browse videos sort by popular, new, update, genres and ratings. The site is fully compatible with all android devices.

Visit URL : http://moviehdapp.com/

10. Cinema Box

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One of the most striking features of this particular application is that it provides high-quality content and is a wonderful alternative to popcorn time. One can watch the different genres of movies with assured quality and standards. Along with movies, TV shows and series are also available to stream online and offline. You can save your loved movies in the ‘favorites column’ and watch them later on in free time without internet connection.

Visit URL : https://cinemaboxhd.com/


Therefore, these are some of the best alternatives that are available for download popcorn time and one can use any of these alternatives as per their own choice and requirements.