Showbox – Best Show Box Alternatives & Similar Websites 2018


Show box is a widely popular app for streaming endless movies and TV shows online. The site has a beautiful design and engaging user interface. However, from some time the site has gown down due to the high accessibility of this site by many users at a same time. In this meantime, many other sites similar to Showbox apk are gaining importance with their exclusive facilities. So in this article we have discussed about 10 best alternatives to Showbox with which you can stream movies and shows online without any difficulty.

Showbox – Best Show Box Alternatives & Similar Websites 2018-min

Here are the 10 best alternatives to Showbox:

Play box HD:

playbox hd-min

As the name signifies, play box HD has most of the HD content which makes it outstand among other alternatives. The UI design is simple and kept the navigation easier for users. The app has the capability of streaming content without facing any error.

The app also has a feature of put it into ‘kid’s mode’ to restrict the streaming for children. In addition to this, the app has the features like subtitles, reviews and ratings which are the reasons why it is giving huge competition to Showbox.

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Terrarium TV:

terrarium tv-min

If you are looking for a great alternative to Showbox download then you must try terrarium TV. It has an intuitive user interface and offers huge library of all sort of movies. All the movie lovers can download it by visiting the official website of this app and simply follow the instructions defined there.

The users do not have to worry about quality with this app as it provides high quality videos so you can enjoy it nicely. The site is available for free and do not require any registration to access it.

Movie box:

movie box-min

Movie box is a best alternative to show box and it almost looks similar to it in terms of layout and design. It has a search bar located above to easily find the movies and shows you want to watch. The app has all the movies ranging from the older to the newer ones.

In this app you can watch the trailer of any movie before watching the movie. The app is extremely easy to download and offers the incredible movie time to its users.

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Popcorn time:

Popcorn Time free movies

Popcorn Time has always been considered the best site when it comes to stream movies online. The app is compatible with various android devices like windows, Mac, android etc. The content available is in HD quality and is categorized properly so as to avoid any confusion.

The languages can be shifted in the app for gaining better movie experience. The interface of the app is very easy and well understandable by anyone. The site however got shut down for a while by its original creators but it gets back within no time.

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Crackle is amazing app for streaming movie with many appealing features. The app has 20-30 millions of users and by this you can definitely know the popularity of this app. It allows the users to save their favorite shows to watch later and allows them to create playlists.

New shows and releases are updated from time to time. Like YouTube, the app gives permission to save videos in order to watch it later. The application is compatible with android iOS as well as phones just like Showbox apk.

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Hub streaming:

Hub streaming is also a great solution one should choose it when Show box android is down. The app has a wide collection of movies of various kinds and TV shows to stream online. The app also allows downloading the movies and adding it to watch list.

It creates a friendly environment for users as you can share the movie link with any of their friend. Also, you can change the media player for better sound quality and experience.

Sky HD:

sky hd-min

Sky HD is website being created by the creators of playbox HD. The website is ditto similar to that of playbox HD and offers the same content on it. The app also have search bar to find out any movie and categorization of shows and movies. The unique feature of this app is it has a better picture quality than most of its competitors ruling on internet.

Since it is a carbon copy of playbox HD, you can check out this app if playbox HD doesn’t work to watch videos in different resolutions like 360p, 720p and 1080p. One thing about Sky HD is that it is not available freely unlike the Showbox app.

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Hulu is another best alternative to Showbox that enable it users to add videos in watch list to view them later on. This app provides the comfort to chromecast your videos on television so that the users can enjoy the wide range of movies on large screens. The app offered the latest releases very fast.

It is been considered as the best place to watch the new movies as it make them available just after their release. The only drawback with this app is it is not suitable for those having a poor internet connection to stream online and view movies.

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Cinema Box:

cinema box hd-min

Cinema box is a perfect alternative to Showbox download who wants to watch the movies offline or without the internet access. It provides the updated database of movies and shows thus providing you with the new releases every day. Users can download any movie whichever they wish to with this app and can add subtitles as well wherever necessary.

The app works well on any android device like android iOS, chrome cast and much more.

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Stremio is a different site from all the alternatives present here for Showbox android. Instead of streaming content from dubious sources, it streams it from legal sources like Amazon, Netflix, ITunes and more. It all together brings these sources at one place and makes them available on any device with its clean and simple user interface.

The content is reliable on this site and you don’t have to worry regarding downloading the movies from Stremio.

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Despite the fact that Showbox is the first priority of all the movie lovers who streams movies and TV shows online. There are other set of alternatives to Showbox available on the internet which are equally significant as Showbox and provides all the features without any cost.