Tamilgun : 6 Best Alternatives To Tamil Gun


Tamilgun, a name which every Tamil movie lover swears by for watching his favorite movies. The website has a record of having the access to every Indian movie. Apart from that, you can also use the website to download some of the best Hindi and English movies. Not just this, tamilgun.com also provides you the offers on the Tamil movies in the form of the discount coupons. What could be better than this?


After the success and the popularity of the tamilgun HD movies, the website got into the eye of the officials. Due to this reason, the original URL of the website got blocked and there is no way you can get back to the original website. However people continue to visit the website with the help of the proxy websites but still, there are some flaws in the website which you can only overcome by going through the alternatives of the tamilgun movies.

Best Alternatives to Tamilgun.com

Here are some of the best alternatives to tamilgun which you can find online. These alternatives are alike tamilgun with not much difference. So you wouldn’t have to think much before making a switch to these platforms. So here we go.

  1. Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is an all-time favorite website for the Indian regional movies. The website is available in 44 languages and is a huge alternative to the tamilgun dubbed movies. The GUI of the website is pretty brilliant and in seconds, you would find everything you are looking for. Moreover, the website is perked up with a lot of things which are truly out of the box.

The website has the design similar to the Netflix which makes it truly a great experience visiting the website. The downloading speed is pretty fast as compared to the tamilgun movies download.

  1. Xfinity TV go

A great platform for downloading online TV shows, movies and much more. Xfinity is a way lot better than the www.tamilgun.com. This is because of the number of reasons. The first one being that the website is faster, accurate and provides authentic media. The website has a search box which will get you everything you search for.

The website has different genres placed right on the homepage. All you have to do is just browse through everything and you would get the right movies.

  1. TVMuse

Want to browse through around 2000 full episodes, TV shows or millions of tamilgun new movies? Well, TV muse is there for you. The website is brilliant in terms of the movies and the TV shows you can watch for a number of reasons. The first one being that the tamilgun HD movies download 2017 doesn’t allow a user to have an unlimited bandwidth. This is not the case with the TVMuse. The website keeps on improving with respect to the search option and the download speed.

  1. Sidereel

Want to search for the best old and new Tamil movies? Here comes your partner for happy movie time sidereel. The website has got a vast collection of the movies online and that too with the different genres. All you have to do is just simply search and play. The website also has a brilliant video player. This video player supports multiple features including the subtitles, full screen, and the many other options.

  1. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is another great platform to watch the new Tamil movies. The website keeps on updating itself for the new Tamil movies. On Tamilgun new movies get updated but it takes a lot of time for them to appear online. This is not the case with the Pluto TV.

Moreover, the streaming speed of the website is also amazing. You wouldn’t get the problem of those hanging frames with this platform.

  1. TerrariumTV

You can find almost every single Indian TV show, web series, and tamilgun dubbed movies over here. The platform is better in many ways. The  best thing about it is that it comes in the form of an application which you can download on your android or cell phone.

The GUI of the website is brilliant so there is no need to worry about finding the stuff that you wish to watch. The application has a search box which will take care of all your movie cravings.

  1. Movie Watcher

What could be better than watching your favorite movies online and offline at a greater speed? Well, movie watcher makes it possible. The reason behind this is that the platform allows you to stream the movies at a great speed. Apart from that, you can also download the stuff without any errors. So why not switch to the platform and enjoy a lightning fast speed streaming and downloading?

  1. Fmovies

F movies is a great platform when it comes to the streaming and downloading of your favorite movies. The website has great filters like the genre filter, country filter and a lot more. You can select the country like India and enjoy all the regional movies over there. Moreover, there are different options with the downloading and streaming features like the streaming quality option and much more.
Also, there is the subtitles option with the platform. So you can either stream with them or download it.

  1. Dare TV

The platform is one of the best movie streaming and downloading platform. The reason? It is simple, the website provides a great GUI and the streaming experience which you will never forget. It has a huge list of the genres and filters according to the years, languages and much more.
You can enjoy all the Tamil movies and that too with the subtitles. So what are you waiting for? Just search for the movie and download it right away.

  1. Series Craving

As the name suggests, the website is a one-stop platform to quench all your movies and the TV shows cravings. What’s more in the box is the mesmerizing GUI and the ease of operation. There are a huge number of the categories including the Hollywood, Bollywood and much more.
The search box of the website is pretty powerful too. It provides you with the best search results and a brilliant streaming experience. Download everything straight away and that too with a lightning fast speed.

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