8 Best Websites To Buy & Sell Stuffs Online Locally


Best Websites to Buy & Sell Stuffs Online Locally

One of the easiest ways to pay off your debts, saving money for some special occasion or simply having a desire to be financially independent is to sell your unwanted goods. You can make use of the websites to sell stuff locally.

There are also various buy and sell apps available for all the users in the market to sell items online locally and buy things that are needed. You can sell anything online from toys to electronics, cars to clothes.

With the increasing demand for smartphones, the buying and selling of apps are getting popular to sell times online.

Listed below are all the apps that allow you to list and sell an item online locally. 

1. OLX


OLX is a number one website to buy and sell stuff locally. OLX is available in several countries all over the world including Portugal, South Africa, Philippines, Russia, India, United States and many more.

One thing that classifies OLX is that it provides a free listing of stuff online. There is no cost involved in the sign-up process, a listing of goods. OLX does not charge commission from buyers and sellers. It is a wholly free classified advertisement site.

The categories of the item can be sold online on OLX are such as Books, Hobbies and sports, Pets, Jobs, Fashion, Electronics and appliances, Properties and Personal items. The categories also vary from country to country. 

2. LetGo


LetGo has an added feature of using your location to help you sell stuff locally online and buy online using your location as well. LetGo is a free site which does not charge any fees for listing or selling stuff. It’s pretty easy to access and has garnered a lot of regular customers in a short span of time. The LetGo app is available for Android as well as iOS users.

The categories of the item can be sold online on LetGo are such as Home and garden, Sports, leisure and games, Movies, Books and music, Fashion and accessories, Baby and child, Other vehicle and parts, Cars, Electronics, Free stuff, and others. 

3. OfferUp


OfferUp is a website that offers the services of buying and selling of your unwanted items. It organizes well, and its popularity is increasing steadily. People also prefer to use this site as there is a much lesser competition here for the things you want to sell.

The categories of item can be sold online on OfferUp are such as Household, Games and toys, Furniture, Farming, Clothing and shoes, Cell phones, CDs and DVDs, Beauty and health, Baby and kids, Auto parts, cars and trucks, Arts and Crafts, Appliances, Antiques, Collectibles and others. 

4. 5miles


The important feature about using 5miles to buy and sell stuff online is that it only works on a radius of 5 miles from your location. Although, they have added an option to select the distance according to your choice and you can choose 5 miles, 10 miles, 40 miles or a bigger range as per your convenience. It is free to list and sell stuff online on 5miles. The search criteria can be filtered by specific city or item. It is more popular in the large metropolitan areas.

The categories of the item can be sold online on 5miles are such as Garage sales, Services, Housing, Jobs, Collectibles and art, Sports and Outdoors, Jewelry and watches, Auto parts, Baby and kids, Electronics and computers, Women’s clothing and shoes, Household. 

5. Poshmark


Poshmark offers limited things to buy and sell online. Poshmark allows you to sell accessories and fashion clothing for the most part. A search criterion is available to filter out the search by a buyer (men, women, kids), brand name and also by the specific item. After receiving an order for the one you’re your product, Poshmark will send you a shipping label beforehand to send it out along with your sold item.

Poshmark charge a commission on every item that you sell depending on the price of that product. The service of Poshmark team is efficient as it makes sure that the item you buy is authentic and the seller always get paid as fast as he can.

The categories of the item can be sold online on Poshmark are such as Jewelry and accessories, Handbags, Shoes, Makeup, Kids’ clothing, Men’s’ Clothing, Women’s’ clothing. 

6. Amazon Seller Marketplace

amazon seller marketplace-min

Amazon is the biggest seller marketplace in the whole world. It offers a program called ‘Amazon Seller Marketplace” for buying and selling stuff online. The program allows you to sell a lot of used items in several categories. It also has the feature to sell a new item that is unused. Charges are applied to the listing and selling of items.

The listing fee depends upon the number of items you want to list every month. However, it is worth paying a fee for listing down some of your items as the amount of exposure that your products get on Amazon is more than enough to cover all of your charges.

The categories of item can be sold online on Amazon Seller Marketplace are such as Office products, Musical instruments, Music, Luggage and travel accessories (new only), Jewelry (new only), Industrial and scientific (new only), Home and garden, Historical and advertising types of collectibles, Health and personal care items (new only), Handmade items (new only), Grocery and gourmet food (new only), Fine art collectibles, Electronics, Collectible coins, Clothing and accessories (new only), Cell phones, Camera and photo, Business products, Books, Beauty (new only), Baby gear (new only, excluding clothing), Automotive and Powersports parts, tools, equipment and accessories, Kindle devices and accessories, Amazon devices and accessories and many more. 

7. Decluttr


Decluttr is one of the most popular websites for selling your unwanted stuff online. The registration and signing up procedure for Decluttr works a little differently. First, you have to get the link of a free app and get your product evaluated free of cost which will provide you with an estimated cost of your product on the Decluttr website. When you accept the offer, fill in the details in the box for shipping, and you will receive a pre-paid shipping label from them.

Next step is to leave your package with any delivery agency for the shipping of the product to Decluttr. When Decluttr receives your package, you will get paid the very next day through check, PayPal, direct deposit or any other method.

Decluttr is considered the safest option to sell your unwanted items as you do not need to interact with the buyers. Decluttr buys your product and sells it to the individuals on their behalf.

The categories of the item can be sold online on Decluttr are such as Lego sets, Kindles, Apple products such as iPods, iPads and iPhones, Smartphones, Textbooks, Gaming systems, video games, CDs and DVDs. 

8. eBay


eBay is usually popular for selling items far away or to some another country. However, eBay can be used to buy and sell stuff online locally. You can also use eBay to sell large and bulky items like furniture locally and call buyers at a place to pick up the item. The listing is free of charge until you sell any product, so it’s worth trying.