WordPress 3.2.1 – JSON, the admin, a little bit tidier


A little over a week ago, WordPress 3.2 was released. In that release, there were some server incompatibility issues with JSON. This is the main reason why this maintenance release came so fast in which the core team has addressed the JSON issue, and made fixes to the dashboard UI and the twenty eleven theme.

If you’ve already updated to 3.2, then this update will be even faster than usual, thanks to the new feature in 3.2 that only updates files that have been changed, rather than replacing all the files in your installation. This update will take you less than a few seconds because we just upgraded our sites.

The small list of things fixed are included in this haiku:

JSON, the admin
A little bit tidier
Edge cases covered

See the full changelog here.

Upgrade to 3.2.1 now!

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