Yify Tv – Best Yify Movies Alternatives & Similar Sites 2018


Yify Tv is without any doubt the site that allows you to stream your favorite movies for free. If you love to watch only HD movies, yify is the site for you. These torrents of Yify have been in working for years to provide you with the best Full HD 720p, 1080p as well as full HD Blue Ray movies in the smallest possible size that too with the best audio and video quality. It is so popular that people keep waiting for months so that they can watch the YIFY version of the new movies.

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Moreover, it doesn’t matter if the version would be CAM, HDCam etc. Yify tv makes it possible to download the versions online. But in case you are a fan of Yify .tv because of the quality of movies it offers, let me tell you when it gets blocked it really becomes difficult to search or download movies. So, we have come up with the various yify alternative that offers you the same fun:



IceFilms is the one that offers you free movies and TV shows and includes trending shows and blockbusters. If you are a fan of the latest shows, Icefilms is the best option for you. On this website, you can enjoy latest trending shows and that too free of charge. But the only concern about IceFilms is its legibility. The majority of its database and library are not legal. However, there are some films that are offered copyright free.

Visit Website : http://www.icefilms.info/


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SeeHD.uno is one of the alternatives to Yify tv and is very much comparable to that. It offers you free streaming of movies and even the tv series is totally free. Watching on this site is absolutely safe from virus and also it is free which makes it an added advantage. The only annoying thing is the ads in between but because of its advantages, even ads can be tolerated. You can even find different categories like drama, comedy, sci-fi, or horror even action, romance and much more.

Visit Website : https://www.seehd.uno/


Another alternative to Yify is Yify.co, this one has the same interface as in gomovies. This one is a reliable site for free movies. It allows you to download movies as well as series. On this website, full length movies can be watched that too free. Using this you can even watch films in HD quality. It has a variety of popular movies and also the latest release of the industry.

Visit Website http://yify.vc/


Popcornflix is a site that offers you movies of various categories for free that you can easily stream online. For using this site, you don’t even need a user account and can access without logging in. Apart from movies, it also offers free episodes of various TV shows that you can enjoy. It is very easy to use this website, the menu can be spotted at the top of the screen so that you can search and watch movies. Various categories offered here are Comedy, Action, Thriller or Drama, Family, even Old School, and others. All the movies here are listed without any sorting options. To make it more specific, this site also offers two additional websites that are just kids movies and horror movies called Popcornflix Kids and FrightPix respectively.

Visit Website : https://www.popcornflix.com/


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This website is considered as the most desired globally among the torrent sites. This one has a huge online library that offers you variety of content including movies, games, TV shows and also software. This can be considered as the best Yify alternative. This is basically for torrenting and is also known for hosting contents such as “high-res”. It also facilitates peer to peer file sharing with the use of BitTorrent protocol.

Visit Website : https://rarbg.to/


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Yify.vc is an alternative to Yify.tv that offers you to watch movies be it online or you can even download. Searching on Yify.vc is very easy you can search on the basis of the year for which you want the content or you can even do that according to the categories. Once you are done with the searching, you can click on the movie poster and enjoy your favorite movie.



Channel4 is basically  owned by public and also commercially funded UK public service broadcaster. It focuses on delivering high-quality, innovative as well as innovative content that would challenge the status quo. The channel aims to provide you with all the broadcasting network. It basically is surrounded by television, film as well as digital media.

Visit Website : https://www.channel4.com/

Yify HD


Yify HD Torrent is basically popular for its BluRay quality that too at a small file size, that is available online. You can also download the files without any cost. To ensure the best compatibility with almost all devices Yify is encoded using x264 codec and MP4 container. With this feature it is feasible for everyone around the globe to watch online and download these torrents.

Visit Website : http://yifyhdtorrent.com/



Another alternative to Yifi.tv is Hulu, that allows you to watch your favorite movies online and stream them at a faster pace. The main advantage is you can stream the movies without any limitations that too as per your comfort whether you wish to do that on a smartphone, tablet or even a console. This site has one of the vast collection of the latest movies with the best quality. Plus like yify tv shows, you can enjoy Tv series on this site also. Additionally, this site is never short of movies.

Visit Website : https://www.hulu.com


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Torrentz is one of the popular BitTorrent meta-search engines. It indexes torrent websites like Mininova and also the Pirate Bay. As per the statistics from Alexa, this site ranks at Top 5 of all the BitTorrent sites. More than millions of users are using this website. It used to be a free search engine, fast and even powerful meta-search engine that used to combine results from various search engines. This one is popular with computer savy people. Though it doesn’t believe in hosting any magnet links it still would redirect you to other websites. But as of today, it is not available as such.

Visit Website : https://torrentz.io/