123movies – Best 123 Movies Alternatives & Similar Sites 2018


123movies.to was a great platform to download and watch free content. Unfortunately, people would not be able to take the services of the website due to the website shut down. Now the question is, where you would find the website like 123movies.co. Well, there is good news that there are a lot of websites like 123 free movies. You just need to visit them to get the same free services as of the 123movies. So here is the list of the websites that are same as the 123movies.

123movies – Best 123 Movies Alternatives & Similar Sites 2018

List Of Top Sites Similar To 123Movies in 2018

1. Yesmovies

Yesmovies is a great alternative to the movies 123. The website features great speed and shows very fewer advertisements. It is a platform where you can watch all your favorite TV shows and movies online. Yesmovies has a great listing where you can see the movies and the TV shows listed on the basis of the countries and genres. Moreover, website has movies listed all over the world and you can also watch your favorite local TV shows. The website has a great GUI which helps you to operate and understand it better.

Whenever you see the movie, you find all the information about it like its rating, length, year etc. The website is truly a great alternative to the 123movie.

2. Vumoo

Whenever you are in the search of a top-rated website, you can switch from 123movies to Vumoo. The website has a huge collection of the videos, movies and the TV that you want to see. Moreover, the Graphic User Interface of the website is above your expectation. This is what has helped the Vumoo to be a great alternative to the 123movies free. Apart from this, you would find the suggestions for the new release on the homepage. Moreover, these suggestions are to watch the new releases on the website and that too in the HD print.

You need not sign up or do any other formality to watch the movies online and this is what makes it greatest of all time. All you have to do is just forget the 123movies for some time and log on to the Vumoo.

3. IceFilms

IceFilms is something that lets you see something from the old collection. Meanwhile, the 123 movies did not have many options for the old movies; Icefils has got the complete collection in itself. All you have to do is just go to the categories and select the movie from the listed categories. The categories are listed on the basis of the genres and the year of release. Not just the old movies, but the website also has the treasure of the new releases like 123movies. All you would have to do it is just go to the website and then search your movie in the search box.

4. Niter

Niter is another great replacement for the 123movies. The only thing is, you would have to create an account to stream online for free. The website has a great GUI and you would get all the categories assorted. With a huge number of collections, genres, and content online, you would easily find the movies that you are searching for. There is a search box where you can go and find for the content. So go on and log on to Niter today.

5. Sony Crackle

If you were bored with the 123movies, then the Crackle is a great option to choose. The website just requires a signup to watch all your favorite content online. The website is full of the HD content and different genres. Talking about the speed then the website provides the viewers with the unlimited bandwidth. This helps up to catch some speed. The application is available to download on ios and android for free.

6. Movie25

Movie25 has great online HD content to view over the 123 free movies. All the movies are categorized and listed alphabetically. The reason for the sorting is to give the user a great simple experience. You can select the speed of the streaming and the streaming would be adjusted according to your internet’s speed. The platform is becoming popular and is a great choice over 123movies.

7. Watch free

As the name suggests, the website helps you to watch the movies and the TV shows online. Watchmovies is different from the other websites. While 123movies was just providing you with only one link, watchfree provides you with the multiple options, to watch movies online. Furthermore, you can click on any of the links you like and you would be served with the content. The website is a way too easy to understand.

8. Gomovies

Gomovies is a great alternative to the 123movie if you want to see the movies online for free. All you have to do is just log on to the website and click on the movie that you want to see. Though the website is free to use, you would have to see a lot of advertisements while streaming. Else, the website is the first choice for some people when it comes to streaming for free.

9. Mydownloadtube

Mydownloadtube is a great alternative to the 123movie because here, you can download movies for free. You don’t have to register for streaming online but you would have to register if you want to download the content online. Furthermore,  the website doesn’t show you many advertisements and is great for the free online content.

10. Popcornflix

If you want to enjoy HD quality movies on your smartphone, then popcornflix is a great application over 123movies. The reason behind the popularity of the popcornflix is that you would get an updated database and a lot of genres. Moreover, the application is available on the ios and android platform for free so that you can enjoy free content. So go on and try the application now.

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