The 1337x And Mirror Sites : Unblock


Everyone talks about the most popular torrent websites. This includes some of the oldest websites including the pirate bay, kickass and much more. But some platforms are likely to be more powerful which were released after them. One of these is the 1337x. The platform is one of the best torrents platforms online. Not a lot of people have heard about it but yes, whether you take it as a permanent or the alternative, you cannot deny the power of the 1337x.

The 1337x And Mirror Sites - Unblock

History of 1337x

Pronounced as leet (Elite), 1337’s name came into the picture when it was first used in 1980. Inspired by the association of the pirates which was the discussion portal of the cracking, hacking and other BSS tricks, the creator of the 1337x found the name to be perfect for the platform. Not everyone on the board was a beginner.

Some were perfect in hacking while the other had their own programming skills. 1337x took this tradition to a whole new level. The platforms follow the peer to peer technology which can be used to download the millions of torrents available worldwide.

1337x has some of the most genuine torrents because of the VIP uploaders who are responsible for the original, quality, legitimate uploads.

Blocking of the 1337x

While you can still access the 1337x proxy and do the unblock, the reason behind the blocking of the 1337x is same as the other torrent websites. The website was banned due to a request from the feelgood in 2015. However, 1337x was shut down but soon after, it appeared again with a different domain name, this time it was proxy.

The website was blocked in many countries including Iran, India, Belgium, Singapore, Spain, Norway, UK, and many other countries which witnessed the highest number of users. So now you can’t access the websites but since there are 1337 unblock proxies, you can still have an access to these.

1337x Proxy servers

but still, you can access the platform with the help of the web proxies. But first, what is a proxy? Well, a proxy is a server which acts as an intermediate between the website and the server. 1337 unblocked, this is what happens when you use the proxy. In simple words, the ISP would see that you are connected to a domain name which is not the blocked one. They do not know that this domain name is connecting you to the 1337x which makes the 1337x unblocked.

However, some people also get confused between the 1337x mirror and the proxy. A mirror is just a copy of the original website, however, a proxy works in a different way. Both are truly different in many ways.

Moreover, you need not care about the same. You need not worry whether you use a mirror or a 1337 proxy to unblock the website. Whatever you use, it provides you with privacy.

List of 1337x Proxies and Mirrors Sites

1337x unblock proxies

Here is how you can unblock the with the help of the proxies.


Computer Security

Now there are many concerns apart from these. The one is that while accessing the 1377x proxy, there might be chances that you are making your computer open to the data leak. This means that the data can be stolen from your computer. On the other hand, if not stolen, then your computer can be seriously affected by the viruses. For this reason, you would have to use an antivirus on the computer to access the 1337x st. Here are some of the following security software which you can install on your system.

• Mcafee Total Protection
• Avast
• Panda Security
• Avira Pro

So its good to be safe with these platforms.

Unblocking 1337x to with the help of the VPN services

VPN means a Virtual Private Network. A virtual private network can help you to unblock the 1337x torrent. How? Let’s take a look. VPNs are the private networks which help you to mask your IP address. This means that the VPN would hide your identity. Even the 1337x wouldn’t be able to know that who is accessing it. Moreover, if still, someone is too keen to know your location then you would show up in a remote area.

While accessing the torrents websites, it’s important that you use the VPNs. Though you can also go with your usual network then, VPN would provide you with the extra security. There are a lot of VPN services in the market but then, you should go for the most secure one. Some of the most trusted VPNs are given as follows:-

  • Speedify
  • Private Internet Access
  • Astrill
  • PureVPN
  • Hide my ass
  • Golden Frog
  • KeepSolid
  • CyberGhost
  • Windscribe
  • NordVPN
  • IPVanish
  • ExpressVPN

Alternatives of the 1337x

There are still the alternatives which you can go with over the 1337x. These include some of the best websites, all over the world as follows:

  1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the best torrent websites all over the world. The website has the most trusted torrents which you can look for. However, the website is blocked like the 1337x but then, you can still access it with the help of the proxies.

  1. RARBG

RARBG is another brilliant platform for torrent downloads. You can download everything like the 1337x. All you need to know the stuff you are looking for. There are categories, listings and everything else which you would like to see. However, RARBG is also blocked. You would have to look for the proxies to unlock it.

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