Extratorrents Proxy And Mirror Sites : Unblock Extratorrent


Torrents. Everyone loves torrents and in 2006, the world got introduced to another torrent website called the extratorrents. Extratorrents is amazing, it became the world’s largest site for the torrents because of many reasons. Ony the pirate bay was ahead of it. the extratorrents cd has everything. Music, games, songs, albums, videos and much more. You could access everything just for free. All you needed is the internet connection and you are all set to go on the platform.

Extratorrents Proxy And Mirror Sites - Unblock Extratorrent

History of extratorrent

Extra torrent has been in use for years. Extra torrent provides you with the best of games, movies, songs and much more. Moreover, the GUI of the website is brilliant. The GUI of the website makes it easy for the person to find things like his favorite movies, songs, games and a lot more things like that. So whenever a person hits the website who has never used the platform before, he can get favorable with the things.

Extratorrent was shut down in the year 2017 due to some of the unavoidable reasons. The webmasters finally declared the closure officially on the website. The year 2017 was a drastic year for all the torrents websites. A number of the websites were shut down due to the number of reasons. Even the extra torrent didn’t tell the main reason for the shutdown of the website.

However, extratorrent.cd was just released after the days of the shutdown of the extratorrent. So this way, the administrators of the extratorrent released a whole new website and started to get the traffic on the same.

The admins were successful in retrieving every single information of the torrent website and the story next is the happily-ever-after. However, you can also choose the other alternatives of the extratorrent which includes the kickass torrents or the pirate bay. These websites are still live and there is no problem in accessing them.

If you log on to the extratorrent right now, you wouldn’t get the same website which you loved, you would get the other domain. This means that you would be redirected to a domain.si.

Extratorrents Unblock : Extratorrents Proxy

However, you might not face any of the problems while opening the website but if you are not able to, then you would have to find another way of unblocking extratorrents. You can have an extra torrent proxy but then there are a lot of other ways by which you can do the extra torrent unblock.

These are the following websites which you can use to ublock extratorrent

first check /p/ to unblock any website globally

You can unblock the torrent website by using the above-mentioned websites. These websites use the 0 configs extra torrent proxy. Now, this might catch your interest, as this is the only feature which allows you to access to thousands of the torrent websites. But what is a proxy server? Do you remember that? An extra torrents proxy server is a middleman present between the client and the server. Its similarly like a friend that helps you to talk to a girl, well all the wing-man here.

You know that extratorrent proxy website helps you to dominate the webs but that is the case without any anonymity. Yes, you heard it right. Your identity can easily be retrieved and the government would know that what kind of the packets you are receiving from the proxy website. In that case, you would have to find a way out by which you can hide your identity and at the same time, you can access everything from anywhere in the world.

VPN services

VPN is an amazing way to deal with the websites you want. It’s easy to understand how does it work. You can think the VPN as a tunnel. This tunnel is connecting you directly to the website. In this way, nobody else would be able to see what you are doing. Well, the matter here is to access the extratorrent. It’s pretty simple. The fact is that all you need is the internet connection and a VPN service.

If you are using the VPN services to connect to the Extratorrent proxy, your IP address would be hidden. Even the Extratorrents wouldn’t know who is making the requests and that too from where.
Here is the list of the VPN services which you can use to access the extra torrents and that too by hiding your anonymity.

  1. Cargo VPN : With the help fo the Cargo VPN you can bypass anything you want and feel like you are driving the internet your own way. It helps you access a great number of the blocked websites on the go.
  2. Windscribe : Windscribe is an online application which you can use as a desktop application to hide the identity. Here you can skip the trackers and access anything you want.
  3. PIA : PIA is an amazing VPN service, which hides your identity and gives you access and has some of the amazing technologies like the OpenVPN, PPTP, etc.
  4. SigaVPN : Free VPN with amazing services which lets you surf free with all the websites unblocked.
  5. ExpressVPN : The service providers operate everything from the British Virgin Islands and provide you with the unbelievable services regarding the VPN.
  6. PureVPN : GZ Systems operate the VPN services and provides you with a great VPN service. It unblocks everything for you and you can access everything with a moderate subscription.
  7. NordVPN : It provides you with the service in 62 countries, 4410 servers and helps you to surf through the blocked websites.

Alternatives to the extratorrents

Don’t think that extratorrent is the only option that you have. There are a lot of other options too which you might like. Here are the following torrent websites as an alternative to the extratorrents.

  1. Kickass

Kickass is a great and the oldest torrent website which has everything which you can look for. Amazing downloading speed and the wide variety of the stuff is the specialty.

  1. Pirate Bay

The only torrent website more popular than the extra torrents. It has got some really great stuff on it. So why not try out the pirate bay for once?

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